A New Bench on the Secret Path!

Hurray! At least as nice as I hoped for!


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A Photo Story in the Garden

This is the story of a Cornus Kousa tree which grows at our new home. I have never had success growing this Cornus in the past, so I had no high expectations at our new home in British Columbia.

I noticed many dogwoods in bloom in our area in early April. When ours did nothing much, I was concerned. I talked to a lady at a small nearby nursery and she commented that I should be patient. Hmmm. I tried.

By mid April I noticed a few buds, certainly no flowers.

garden-April23-2015-016bI waited.

In May there were greenish blooms, very small ones.  Was my tree diseased?

By the middle of the month they got larger and more white…with a fine line of pink on their edges.
May-16,2015-002bMay-16,2015-004bPatience rewarded!

These blooms lasted a very very long time too! More than a month later, I photographed them turning pink. That was on June 25th!

June25-2015-003bGradually the petals fell to the ground…

It was in the first week of August that I noticed the fruit. I was really enjoying studying my small tree!

August7-2015-023bJust the other day I observed some of the green fruit changing color. It is now August 27th and once again I am enjoying a new phase. Not only the fruits but the stems are turning bright pink. What fun!



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Early August

Almost a month has passed since I snapped these photographs.

I took a shot of our sauna. At a certain angle, it struck me that it resembles my mother’s watercolour – given to me shortly before she died. Do you see any similarity in the mood?

August 5-2015 012


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A Grandchild Activity Day: Petroglyphs

A friend of ours conducts a few classes each summer for the children through our local Community Centre. Today we joined six year old Ivy for one of these activities involving story telling and examination of petroglyphs along the beaches of Tsa Kwa Luten.We are looking toward Vancouver island.


Our group of youngsters, parents  and grandparents gathered on the bluffs to hear about the history of the area and the former native village site. It was a beautiful day and our meeting was timed perfectly to match low tide so that we could search for petroglyphs along the beach. Ivy was delighted when a classmate showed up and they hugged and held hands and scampered about together much of the time.

We certainly enjoyed ourselves and spent a very long time climbing over rocks and searching for the amazing pictographs. Our leader is very knowledgeable, and was able to tell us a great deal about each one. You need to stand far back to get a good sighting of each one. They believe there are 54 in all.


July-28-2015-Ivy-event-009b July-28-2015-Ivy-event-011b  This rock is thought to illustrate birds.July-28-2015-Ivy-event-019bIvy is a climber!

July-28-2015-Ivy-event-022b The rock below is thought to show a counting method… perhaps of fish & seals caught, perhaps of enemies killed,  perhaps of visitors. No one is certain.July-28-2015-Ivy-event-024b July-28-2015-Ivy-event-025b
All this activity  made everyone quite hungry, so carrots and cookies were served as we sat on logs along the beach. Some of us climbed back up the bluff on a creekside trail. Others retraced their steps. We met again at the top of the bluff to hear another tale from long ago, while several of the children dug into their backpacks for treats and lunch.



Walking back to the gazebo to hear more stories.


The stories are quite magical, but the plots are not what we are used to.

We then drove to the local museum in Cape Mudge. It is called the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre.

There we were able to see artifacts, but only a quick run through, before heading outside to make rubbings of petroglyphs – made of fiberglass. It is much harder work than this Nana realized. But the children loved it and attacked the challenge with gusto! Ivy made three rubbings and helped others make theirs too.

2015-07-28-petroglypyh-386b2015-07-28-petroglypyh-389b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-400b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-406b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-418b 2015-07-28-petroglypyh-420b

A very fine day it was!


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On the Path, an update.

We are experiencing unusual drought conditions here and the garden and gardener are suffering. One of the best places to work on cool mornings, usually before 9am, is the shady path area. Here is a photo update.

First you see the area that we weeded and covered in cardboard to discourage the wild berries and weeds that grew there. We figure it will be late fall or early spring before we can plant here.


Just beyond there is a curve where I kept many of the ferns and relocated a few hostas .


Ahead you can see a holding bed (with astrantia, hepatica, tiarella, pulmonaria and more) and to the right is a board to show where I hope a new bench will go.


More hostas and ferns line the pathway.


Here the “secret” trail ends by our shade/part shade garden into the lawn area. On the right you can see that I have kept many of the huckleberries.


Things are growing and most are doing well as long as the watering continues! I am eager to see how the Witchhazels and Corylopsis will grow.  At the moment, the Cornus mas has Clematis Yukikomachi blooming in its branches. July4-2015-021b

The Oakleaf hydrangeas I planted are in bloom as is the Veronicastrum.


There will be bulbs arriving this fall. Have you ordered yours?


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Well it was exciting when my garden helper first arrived and identified my garden plants. One little tree amidst the ferns and wild berries was a small dogwood tree.
Later I met a landscaper who told me that he had moved the dogwood for the previous owners because it wasn’t getting enough light.
I was dismayed when all the dogwoods began to bloom on our island, but mine was NOT. I examined it carefully and actually found minute flowers all over it, but they were green. I began to think that it would never get enough light to bloom.
Then, a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with the lady who runs the nearby nursery and she said dogwoods mostly begin the way mine seemed to be, and to have patience. So this past week I have been studying the small green flowers as they get bigger. Today I see that they actually have pink edging. I think I actually have a real dogwood now!




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Sunny Day in the Garden

I`ve been working on various paint & sanding projects today, mostly in the shop. I opened the door and put the young tomato plants in the sun for a few hours while I worked on repairs to an old chair. All but one of these belong to my daughter who is still preparing her vegetable garden. I also have broccoli and Brussel’s sprouts for her. (Turns out her goats are sensitive to the B.sprouts so not sure what will become of those.)


Then I stained the lower boards on the back of the house where the stain had vanished. I gave Phoebe the dog a beef bone to chew while I was working outside. After all that was cleaned up I went indoors for some fruit and a bagel…and noticed the bright red rhododendron right outside the kitchen door. Picked up my camera to show you.


I turned on the hose to sprinkle the new bed where plants have been parked. The bed will only be ready next spring, so I’m undecided on where to place these pots.


I snapped another rhodo for you and also wanted to share the emerging foliage on Cercis Forest Pansy.

May16-2015Garden-010b May16-2015Garden-015b*****

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