Red in the Garden

I love absolutely every color of flower and foliage in the garden…just not in MY garden. For me it is all about whites. As soon as the months and months of snow vanish, I am keen to see snowdrops, white Muscari, white Shooting Stars, white Thalia narcissus, white Erythronium, white Purissima Tulips, white Martagon Lilies, white Lilacs, white Iris, white Clematis, my white Fringe Tree,  and white white white!

My friend John is horrified. “How can you stand it after all that snow we put up with?” For years he has helped me eliminate those few red tulips which insist on mingling with the whites. Every time I buy something new – say a nice white lupine – it invariably turns out to be red. Same with white poppies. And John laughs.

Then my friend Ian sent me Aquilegia seeds from England. How sweet! But look at what those seeds produced!

Funny thing is, I adore them! I’m concerned I may lose them too. Who would have guessed I’d become a fan of RED in my own garden? I love my Madame Julia Correvon Clematis too.


But very slowly.


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to Red in the Garden

  1. I created an entire garden bed full of orange and red flowers in honor of my father. Who always complained I never planted enough red flowers in his garden!

  2. tezalizard says:

    Interesting….. though I have never associated you with subtlety in the garden…. you seem more the dramatic in the years I have known you….. it was you that started me on the kick for blue flowers, thanks to your dramatic photo of Corydalis four odd years ago! Have I ever thanked you?

  3. These red acquilegia have arrived at our new home in BC
    I hope they love it here!

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