Oh what a Beautiful (work) Day

Today was one of those rare days when I was free to spend all my time as I wished. My husband was away traveling, friends were coming to weed and edge beds with me and that meant lots of garden chatter! The weather was slightly warmer than yesterday, but there was a breeze. Perfect.

We accomplished a great deal: weeding in the vegetable garden, finally cutting back clumps of narcissus, staking some delphiniums, tying up some clematis, potting up some hosta, fern, and clematis seedlings, and then we moved iris and planted several new things that have been waiting for homes for quite a long time!  The pine needles got swept off the patio and two rain barrels were filled with the hose. Later I set up the hose to water the hellebore garden, a dry area this June, while I mowed a chunk of the lawn.

Clematis arbor in the vegetable garden

Roses are spectacular this year and even need tying up!

Rose Prairie Joy

Our patio

Later I bought more gas for the mower, some mulch for a small circular garden,  a white Gaura plant, and a few groceries.

The memory garden got mulched.

After phoning a few folks and speaking to my granddaughter in Alberta, I ate some sushi and fruit. I patted and fed the cats and then came the best part of all, sitting in the dark on the porch swing, dog at my feet, listening to the frogs. I rarely sit down to appreciate the day’s efforts. My thoughts wandered – and then I wondered why I hadn’t yet seen any fireflies this year. And then suddenly, there they were, those magnificent sparkles in the dark that bring back memories for me.

Grandy (my grandfather who lived in New Jersey) would occasionally speak to us about the stars and planets, telescopes, and yes, even fireflies. He wrote about his scientific work on them in 1910 . You  can see it here. Luminous Efficiency of the FireflyHerbert E. Ives – Google Books  He would take us to the park next door to their home and we could see nature clearly in the open spaces. Over the years, many hours were spent in that park which had wonderful iris gardens and trees to climb.

Grandy spoke to us about his love of chocolate too!

Notice, not a single thought about washing dishes, loads of laundry, or paying of bills today. A beautiful day indeed!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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One Response to Oh what a Beautiful (work) Day

  1. Sue says:

    I love unscheduled days too. What potential they possess! Great post, Marie and BTW, Grandy looks like your son.

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