The Happy Wanderer was begun a couple of years ago to help spread the word about Haiti and the schools and other places where my son taught teachers, children and their families to use small OLPC (One Laptop per Child) laptops.

Over the course of his stay there, we managed to acquire French language teaching materials in Canada, and stuff them in hockey bags to give to various people in schools, churches, orphanages and cyber cafés. Our son cleared out a small storage area where books, teaching materials, laptops and cameras are now housed for various school programs. We made two amazing trips to Haiti where we grew attached to our son’s good friends, taught a few classes, worked on the library, visited two orphanages and traveled to spectacular locations.

Visiting a friend’s school, made with tarps, talent and love.

Song fest at a school

Travel in the south with friends

A very difficult Good Bye

At the end of May, this all came to a close when dear son (DS) ended his relationship with the One Laptop per Child organization. Yet, computer education is still a top priority for him. During the past year he has also worked with friends in Jamaica on very similar efforts. In early June his group interacted with  government agencies working to advance computer skills in schools there.

Children working with their teacher

One of many meetings

The education planners

Lovely Park bridge

A quick return to Boston for supplies, packing and a hike with friends…

And then came June18th, the day when he took off from Boston via France for several weeks of work in Madagascar! Thank heavens his hotel in Antananarivo has free Wifi, great views of the city and all for 10 Euros a night! A Mom wants to hear from her son after all! And so, after a couple of days of familiarizing himself with his new surroundings,  DS is about to depart for the island of Nosy Komba where he will help friends with repairs to a school server. Communication will likely not be available there…

It takes 10 hours to travel from Paris to Madagascar’s capitol. The time passed quickly by. The views of the African landscape were clear and fascinating.

Hotel Mercury in Antananarivo

Already, a meeting

Vista with flag

It is Fall in Madagascar, cool and sunny. In Canada it is the first day of summer, hot and muggy!

In the morning as I weeded a long stretch of Verbena bonariensis, I thought of  friends and family stretched across the globe. I am thankful to live in an age where discovery is still possible and where communication is relatively easy and quick!


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6 Responses to The Happy Wanderer

  1. Gayle says:

    My church has an orphanage in Haiti, Alex’s House. I am honored to be the “education” sponsor for a precious little girl there. Her name is Rosemitta. I know that you are immensely proud of your son!

    • Are you able to exchange books and games and letters with Rosemitta? Do you receive photos of her? I hope she is content and doing well.

      • Gayle says:

        Yes, I am able to send her cards and small gifts. It is limited, with some restrictions, but still lots of fun. Her photo is on my refrigerator! She’s thriving in the orphanage.

  2. Sue says:

    Wow-lots of good stuff going on here! You must be very proud of your son.

  3. ks says:

    Bravo to DS Marie, people like him are true heros.

    • Yes Sue and Kathy, I’m proud of both my kids. Sometimes I think they’re a bit too independent though… 😉

      Anyway, tough times ahead deciding how he wants to spend the rest of his life! New digs, new job, etc etc… But he’ll always do what he enjoys and it won’t be a 9-5 kind of job.

      These ‘kids’ are why I need my garden!

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