Gardening 101

Gardening with little ones does not mean things are accomplished quickly, but it does mean that if you go slowly and take your time then you get to savor every step while they get to learn by watching and participating.

These are my two favorite gardeners, Ivy and Leo

Trying out the garden gloves

Off to the nursery

Mommy (my daughter) wanted to buy a few things. First she wanted a special grape vine for the back yard. The kids love the big wagons, so searching for the right plant isn’t a problem for them!

Mommy reads all the tags and takes her time deciding.

They also found some small pumpkin plants to grow. Mommy said that they would get very big!

Later  everybody went to one of their extra gardens to do a bit of work. This particular garden has raised beds and is in the yard of a church. They planted there last year too. This time Mommy brought different kinds of potatoes to plant.

Ivy is being very careful not to break off any new shoots

This is fun!

Leo rested

Mommy’s tools are heavier than her own

Working together

These are small bulbs…onions and garlic

Back home, Leo enjoys working with garden tools

Watching things grow in the new back yard!

Things are starting to grow quickly. That’s fun for everybody to watch. Mommy says the pumpkins were getting powdery mildew but she is working to fix that.  Since becoming a gardener, Ivy has started to love cherry tomatoes. Hurray!

Below you see Daddy (who did major construction work on the backyard) and big brother  who both seem to enjoy the eating part of the project!

Thanks to the guest photographer, the kids’ proud grandfather.

PS: This photo shows the water collection system from the eaves troughs (gutters) – which runs rainwater through special areas in the raised beds.

Tank along the back fence


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