Walk on the Wild Side

After it cooled off a bit – but before dark – my husband suggested a stroll. We walked the wilder areas of the farm. We passed the corn…much taller than “knee high” on this fourth of July.

We’ve planted trees and shrubs along our creek over the years and it is fun to check on their progress. Here you see a few young ones hiding the small footbridge DH has installed.

Phoebe waits around, not sure which direction we plan on walking. Besides, she’s very warm with her long fur coat on. Can you see the black spot on her tongue?

DH pointed out a mourning dove’s nest. Momma and one baby flew off but one baby remained. I was hesitant to bother it for long so only got this one fuzzy shot.

The grasses are very handsome at this time.

This is a favorite spot of mine on the creek. The water is very low now due to lack of rain.

Phoebe often stops for a drink at this spot. She’s more sure footed than I am!

The sun is setting over the thistles now.

Just enough light remains to see a few Turk’s Cap lilies in bloom.

And so we returned for some ice cream and fruit for dessert. Phoebe got a treat too of course and a fresh bowl of water.

July 5th: The dreaded grooming day. Phoebe is happier and cooler, but the process is no joy for her. She was a huge woolly bear and very matted, so this is an improvement in many ways.

Our ‘NEW’ dog

Frankly, I miss the huggable bear


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2 Responses to Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Sue says:

    For me the garden is an oasis even on the hot nights-especially on the hot nights. My favorite time is just after the sun goes off my patio (around 5 PM) until late dusk. Is Phoebe bigger than Charlotte? Maybe it’s just the hair but even without it she looks formidable.

  2. Perhaps Phoebe is 5 pounds heavier. That’s our fault though. We are feeding her a bit less these days. She gets less exercise during the heatwave too. Their personalities are similar yet distinct. Phoebe is calm about having her toes groomed while Charlotte was agitated if you even looked at her feet! Charlotte was more of a hunter and wandered a bit on the property. Phoebe stays near the house. Bouviers have pleasant senses of humor which complements their dignity well.

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