July Clematis at the Farm

Very seldom have I seen bees near my clematis..until this year. Now I see quite a few! Here is one on C.Myofuku.
Today I saw a wonderful butterfly, perhaps a Swallowtail, on Tie Dye. He escaped by the time I found my camera. Tie Dye is suffering from the heatwave. I may have to cut it back. It is hard for me to do it though…
Even though many clematis are winding down, others are doing well and even more are just beginning! Here are some that are now blooming:
A pink Integrifolia

Alba Luxurians

Pamjat Serdsta in a purple sandcherry

Minuet is still getting started

Negritianka climbs into an elderberry

Lake Baikal

Mary Rose

Juuli with lilies

Hendryetta with Myofuku

Princess Diana with Mrs Harvey

A particularly dark bloom on Mrs Harvey

A mystery vine… a keeper!

A lavender Fusca

Buckland Beauty Buds

Fremontii, a very pale one.

Skinner’s Pink was a gift.

Little Nell came with me to the farm 15 years ago from our former home in Toronto.

Peveril Profusion was planted by our bridge last Fall.

Yukikomachi..in the shade.

A little pink guy on our bridge

Emilia Plater. So sweet with all the green buds too!

Galore and Margaret Hunt

See you soon!


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