Wednesday – Sons and Daughter on my mind

Not a wordless Wednesday

DS is soon to finish his stay in Nosy Komba, Madagascar.


In spite of a pack of problems, the little ones continue to charm. One sneaky little girl took his photo with her laptop. What fun for us to receive this smile!

Out west, DD is very busy with her gardens, her job and her family! She has just completed a course in permaculture. One look at her photo will tell you why I am planning a visit to see them next month!

Granddaughter Ivy has phoned 2-3 times this past week to say “HI!” What a cutie she is. She has a new fort under their front yard tree:

I also have two Haitian “sons”.

Junior has just lost his adoptive mother this week. We are talking about a funeral  these days. As if things weren’t difficult enough! He comes from the island of La Gonave.  ( Junior worked with DS teaching about laptops for over a year. He would love to start up a guest house in the future. When we traveled together, Junior was very interested in observing the lodgings where we stayed.


Ruben began a school for children whose families will never be able to pay for education. For now the school is built out of tarps  and is just outside the town of Croix des Bouquets, Haiti.  Jean Ruben is well educated, loves playing guitar and teaches adults to use laptops twice a week at his church. Jean Ruben has also studied painting before getting his computer science degree.

School kids wear uniforms in Haiti. It gives a sense of pride among other things. Jean Ruben has asked if we can help buy fabric for school uniforms. There are 135 students, perhaps more in the Fall, and then there are 10 teachers. (In Haiti the teachers sometimes also wear uniforms.) We are trying to help…

Ruben (left) with teacher “Baba”.  The school is in the background.

What a week this has been! Wonderful for me to have the garden to balance out the other concerns. I hope to get lots more done out there on Thursday. I wish I could grow one of the wonderful mango trees that grow everywhere in Haiti!

Did you know that there are several kinds of mango? I think these purple ones are so beautiful!


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