A Few of my Favorite Things

Sharing with you some of the things I have been enjoying this week.

First, the excitement of my first crop (Ha Ha) of Canadian artichokes.

This is the only artichoke from my 11 plants. So far that is. Still, pretty neat!

Another source of pleasure is the blooming of Acanthus in the flats. It is such a pretty plant! They always say it can’t make it through our winters, but “they” are wrong. Plenty of garden friends manage to get blooms without major effort in protecting their plants.


The next photo falls in the surprise category.  This clematis is always late to appear because it is in an odd location near our barn with lots of shade. Once it finally reaches the light though, it blooms. This year it wilted and so I rather neglected it. (Bad Mom, I know…) But what a pleasure to see it bloom the other day!

Clematis Perle d’Azur

This next surprise I discovered first by its scent, filling the air with a wonderful aroma!

Orienpet Lily ‘American Dream’ with phlox

This caryopteris required no pruning back this year, which was a major surprise. The lilies returned and expanded in number. The Leucanthemum ‘old court variety’ always delights me. This is a subtle combination that makes me happy.

The shady area by our creek turns to yellow at this time of year. Ligularia loves it here and spreads far and wide!

Right plant, right spot!

And in the vegetable garden, I’m very pleased to see these at last!


Won’t be long now! Nothing better than fresh tomatoes with garlic, basil and French bread. YUM!

Happy summer!


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5 Responses to A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Gayle says:

    Love that lily ahd phlox combination! Gorgeous!

  2. Sue says:

    I’ve tried Acanthus a couple of times without success. Maybe my garden is too dry? Love the Perle d’Azur! Mine blooms early then gets obliterated by a purple Cotinus. No red lily beetle in your part of the woods yet? Unfortunately I’ve pretty much given up on them. Damn pests!

  3. Michelle says:

    Did you start your artichoke from seed? Pretty impressive for sure. Your garden is looking so lovely. You must be getting rain.

  4. Yes, the artichokes were from seed, under lights. The hard part was that we went to Haiti in April, but fortunately a friend babysat the seedlings at her house.
    I have been dragging hoses for a month now. No sign of rain unfortunately. The corn is tall but not producing. Worrisome! I will be away again in August and DH won’t be able to keep on top of watering. Setting a sprinkler or two on a timer will only help some of the plants. We’ll see how it goes!

  5. How fabulous! that phlox and lily combination is drop dead gorgeous! Wish I could grow ligularia like that. They struggle here under the trees because it is so dry, especially now as we’ve only had a pic of rain all month.

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