I Like Orange!

Today I saw lots of orange in the garden. I like it solo, or combined with blue. But I also like it combined with burgundy of all things! I wish that Angelica gigas had bloomed at the same time this year, but no. Here’s hoping it does next time around.

Here’s what’s in bloom at the farm today – some blooms are a bit more yellow or red than orange though.


The Alexandra Rose


Coleus (a different variety from above)

Coreopsis Sienna


Echinacea Tiki Torch

asclepias tuberosa

There are colorful “helicopter” seeds on our new maple and some leaves that are already turning to fall hues. (things are stressed from drought) It is cheerful to see all the bright colors but I do wonder what will follow when we already have late season flowers blooming in July. There’s still orange Crocosmia to look foreword to!


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3 Responses to I Like Orange!

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m beginning to like orange in the garden more than I used to. You have some lovely orange bloomers. It certainly doesn’t look like drought there. We too are in a drought and with the hail we received earlier this isn’t my best gardening year.

  2. Sue says:

    Me too! Have you started to warm up to Coleus? 🙂 What Echinacea is that in your first picture? Michelle is right-your garden doesn’t appear to be suffering too too much in this drought.

  3. I seem to water all day long…every day! All around me people get an hour or so of rain every now and again. Just nothing here. NADA!
    Sue, that is E.Harvest Moon. I’ve had it (actually 3 nice clumps of them) for several years. It is supposed to be drought tolerant, but wilts after weeks of no watering. No surprise to me!
    Those Idylls ‘forced’ me into starting a few containers, and coleus just seemed to go along with that. This year a few new coleus really did strike my fancy! If the tags are correct, the 3 faves are Black Prince, Smallwood Driveway, and Stained Glasswoeks Tilt A Whirl.

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