July 15th: What is Blooming Today

To walk about our gardens this July gives me an Autumnal feel, that bit of melancholy already. Everything seems to have had an early start and I fear will also meet with an early end as well.

There have been plenty of surprises though with plant combinations that I never witnessed here before. For example, never have I experienced such early roses, roses capable of blooming along with my clematis. Not unusual for many, but simply unheard of for me here at the farm.

This photo of Clematis Fascination sums up what is good about the garden this year. You see not only the lovely firm bell-shaped blooms but also the beautiful seedheads from past blooms and buds in anticipation of what is left to come.

Clematis Fascination

Delphiniums and roses have mostly finished their first round of blooms but many are showing the new young growth for a second round. It is so nice to have lushness as well as hope for the things to come!

The Crocus Rose

This delphinium is still in bud

The lilies here have begun their season with a bang. It is an effort to keep on top of deadheading. It has never required such an effort before! I attribute this to the heat and drought, not the number of birthdays I’ve stacked up. Such a short lifespan the lilies have!

I am also enjoying Knautia’s long period of bloom.

There is yarrow blooming now, both pink and pale yellow. I love the foliage!

Gloriosa daisies shine with asparagus foliage behind.

Clematis vines adorn the fence

There is just so much in bloom!

There is Honeysuckle…

Many clematis. (Blush!)

C.Blue River

C.Huldine with C.Mary Rose

Clematis Minuet

Clematis Viola with Clematis Pagoda

C.Joe Zary


There are Hostas blooming…

Just one of many!

And Astilbes too.

A white balloon flower has grown into an enormous plant… to my great delight and surprise! Never before…

A white Balloon Flower

The balloon flower towers over old court variety leucanthemum.

There are ligularia as well as  lavender in bloom.

Many coreopsis:



Alba perhaps?

There is Burgundy Gooseneck Loosestrife which I must treat as an annual…

Hens and Chickens…

Verbena bonariensis


There is Phlox Blue Paradise

Phlox Midnight Feelings, “A sullen force that punches up other brighter colours around it” grows with ornamental grasses and lilies by the barn.

Nearby there are hollyhocks as well.

Wonderful wild things grow around the pond (including snapping turtles!)

Queen Anne’s lace

The grasses and Amsonia are gradually changing color as is the Tiger Eye Sumac.

I adore Amsonia.Amsonia froth grows to the right of the birdbath

I’m loving it all, although the watering is a strain. There is so much more, and even more to come.


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5 Responses to July 15th: What is Blooming Today

  1. Sue says:

    Everything looks happy, Marie. Do you know the latin on the burgundy loosestrife? I’ve never seen that before. The last picture of the Amsonia garden is a stunner. Is that A. hubrichtii?

  2. Sue, look here: http://www.perennials.com/plants/lysimachia-atropurpurea-beaujolais.html
    A. hubrichtii it is, and I think my favorite plant ever.

  3. Gayle says:

    I LOVE that first pic of the clematis blooms and seed heads. Very nice! And on the other pics, your combinations always inspire me to try harder to make mine work. You inspire me!

  4. Denise says:

    I love seeing the wide photos of clematis draped on your split-rail fence, just magic, Marie. Looks like a beautiful July!

  5. Scott Weber says:

    I can’t believe your Amsonia is already changing color…that’s crazy!!! Love your blooms…isn’t Knautia great…it just blooms on and on and on.

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