Update on our New Park

Because of the soil contamination left by the service station, this land could not be sold. The owner decided to keep the land and allow a park to be installed, but only for 10 years. This puts a damper on things from my point of view, but at least there will be ten years of beauty.

This week as I passed by, I noticed that sod had been installed, flagstones placed around the central sculpture, and paths filled in. Some struggling perennials are going to be fine I think once the drought and excessive heat pass.

There are several new sculptures added. I understand 3 of the sculptures are  installed on a rotational basis.

There seems to be some sort of pergola idea going on above the stone benches. There was talk of misting being installed, an idea I’m not sure about. I like simple and not too many gimmicks.

The entryway to the cinema appears to have been cleaned up a bit. Access to the park is still closed.

Here’s what can be seen today.

Cinema entrance

Shade under the new semi-circle of trees

Pergolas by benches?

The new look! The ginkgo appears thirsty though.

An approach to the central sculpture area. You can see where the watering system reaches into the paths.

To be continued!


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2 Responses to Update on our New Park

  1. Wow Marie, that is looking great. Hope those newly planted trees, sod and perennials get a good drink of water and relief from the heat.

  2. Gayle says:

    Maybe the pergolas by the benches are to create shade?
    Nice progress being made!

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