Lily Beetle Concoction

I do not (YET!) have lily beetles but have squashed many for friends with my shoes or plunked them in a bucket. UGH.

A friend of mine lives next to a large lily farm and visited there recently with friends. I didn’t go this time, but she persuaded the owner to share his recipe for getting rid of the nasty things. I thought some of you might want to try it.

Lily Beetle Spray
6 cloves garlic chopped
1/2 large onion chopped
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon dish soap
1 litre of water (4.2 cups)
Combine ingredients. Leave for 24 hours. Once fermented, strain and spray liquid on plants and surrounding soil. Place leftover solids around the base of plants to prevent slugs.

Hope this helps!


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6 Responses to Lily Beetle Concoction

  1. Well that is interesting. Does it kill the beetles and the larvae? How long does the smell linger in the garden?

    • I can only say that this man knows what he is doing…but I wasn’t there to ask more. Sure would be nice to know. So many people visit to buy their lilies there that it makes me think the smell does not linger or they’d avoid the place! They’d not buy if the lilies weren’t in top form either. I’ll ask, but not sure my friend knows more.

  2. Julie Kennedy says:

    That would work fine for me, but we also have the dreaded Eastern Ontario Leek and Garlic Moth – which of course would just love garlic scented plants! Even our Aliums in the garden are susceptible to this pest, and if you grow garlic in your veggie garden, as I do, you must use floating row covers rith from the get-go in Spring….I have a few lilies and I de-beetle every day by hand.

  3. Sue says:

    Marie, the picture you posted is a daylily. Is the concoction for the red lily leaf beetle that attacks asiatic lilies? The only method the organic gardeners around here can offer up for them is hand picking.

    • Julie Kennedy says:

      Hi Sue! Congrats on attending all of th IUs. Yes I believe that the red beetle down’t bother wioth daylilies. Once they have finished off all of the Asiatics though, the move right on to the Hostas. I find the best thing is a ten-year-old boy and two bricks! But I do hand pick, wash them off with thew hose, and spray with insecticidal soap as well. I have very few Asiatics. Cheers, Julie

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