July 25, 2012: A date to remember

While weeding this morning, for the very first time I spied the DREADED red lily beetle which arrived seemingly overnight at our farm. I learned so much so quickly: that vibrant shade of red, the color of their eggs, their expert ability to jump when they see you….

And I made the quick decision. Out went the Asiatics…not that many actually. Friends said they wanted them and were fine with picking off the beetles next year at their place. With 10 acres, I simply don’t have the time to spend on hand picking the bugs. Perhaps the new concoction from my previous post would work, but I didn’t have any made up to try because I didn’t have the bugs then!

I am left with 3-4 Orienpet lilies. I guess I’ll keep those until next year and see how they do…and how I do with them! In the meantime, deadheading day lilies doesn’t seem like such a bad task by comparison!

In addition, I relocated some rodgersia plants, and a few other things to happier homes. All of it time well spent though a little disheartening to make this discovery!


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3 Responses to July 25, 2012: A date to remember

  1. Julie Kennedy says:

    I have these little pests too Marie, and I find that the only lilies they don’t eat are the daylilies. I have only one little patch of Orientals (Stargazers) and it is a struggle to keep them going. I hand pick, wash off with the hose, and spray with insecticidal soap. I barely manage to keep them away. Good luck, what beasts! Cheers, Julie

  2. Michelle says:

    How awful! I dread the day they come here because I like lilies because they are so carefree. I dislike having to mess that that kind of thing.

  3. Oh so sad Marie….. They truly are a hideous pest and turn lilies from an easy show stopper in the gardens to a constant maintenance chore. So sorry my friend.

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