Clematis: The Little Ones

I have a row in my vegetable garden where I keep maturing clematis seedlings, clematis gifts and various small clematis that would get lost if planted in other spots around the farm. I give some away to friends, dispose of the disasters and admire the sweet ones frequently.

Clematis Fudo has bell shaped blooms. She is strong enough to grow through other clematis. Her color is a silvery lavender with a reddish interior. I love planting differently shaped clematis together.

C.Fudo’s reddish interior

C.Fudo growing through C.Galore

Clematis Myofuku is a pale pink with a white interior and this year has been growing far and wide. Here you see it weaving through Clematis Little Bas.

Here C.Myofuku grows through C.Hendryetta

One of the tiniest clematis at the farm is C.Campaniflora, so small that it is hard for me to photograph. They are about 1.5-2.5 centimeters in size! Each tiny bell has a bluish tinge.Clematis viticella subsp campaniflora

Buckland Beauty is still blooming these days.

C.Gazelle is another white, a non-clinging clematis. What a sweetheart! Here she grows with C. Chinook.

Deep red Clematis Gravetye Beauty has a long period of bloom.

I don’t have names for these….but keep them because I am ever so fond of them.

I love the round buds on this one!

And this darker one…

This named clematis is Walenburg. It is new to me. The first flowers are small, though they should be 3 inches in diameter with maturity. So sweet!

Clematis Mrs Harvey has been a delight in its second year here.

This mystery plant has been spectacular this year.

And this little mystery has delighted us as well.

This pretty little integrifolia is a favorite.

These smaller blooms are definitely worth a second look! They frequently combine well with larger flowers too.

Clematis Pagoda weaves through the larger flowered Clematis Viola


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5 Responses to Clematis: The Little Ones

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!! you truly have an impressive collection of these beauties. Just love all those bell shaped flowers. I need to find and tuck in a few of those.

  2. Gayle says:

    Gorgeous display you have there! My favorite pic is the Gazelle and Chinook combination with the great seed heads. Just beautiful!

  3. For those of you with questions about clematis, a good forum to check out is
    Also use this super website for identification of clematis and much more: :

  4. Barbara says:

    I think the small flower that’s white with a pink edge that you’re unsure of the name might be “Minuet.” It’s a viticella, gets 8-10 ‘ tall & blooms in July – Sept. You have a wonderful collection. I’ve been equally bitten by the clematis bug but don’t have the quantity you do! I’m working on it! I love the smaller blooms.

    • Lots of time has passed since this was posted. We have moved from Eastern Canada to the west, to British Columbia. I was able to bring some, but not all of my clematis to our new, smaller garden. Unfortunately, the photo you were trying to help identify was not Minuet, a clematis I also had. It might have been the clematis “I am lady Q” which is also called ‘Zoiamladyq’.

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