Name That Tree…PLEASE!

My daughter who lives in Alberta sent me a request for a tree to plant.  A couple of weeks ago a huge storm took down half of their backyard willow along with a clematis arbor. Her husband cautiously removed the half tree, avoiding the neighbour’s garden. The other half was going to be tricky to remove because it is above their back sunroom roof.

After the fall. The first one that is.

This is my daughter’s message:

Last night we had a terrific wind storm, but not the rain… W. went out to watch the other half of the willow and thought it was going to come down. In fact, there are new roots that have popped out of the soil from the wind. He was worried enough that he got up on the roof with the chainsaw (during the wind), and took down a bunch of the branches in the hopes that the tree would be lighter and not fall over. Very sad because now we have no shade on the deck or the sunroom.  The house will heat up faster, and there is not near as much privacy in that corner of the yard.  We’ll have to plant something there soon, and put up a new arbour to help make some privacy… Now, what’s a good fruit/nut tree that would enjoy that spot, be big enough for shade, and not get black knot from the neighbourhood infestation? I could do another apple tree, but I think the one in the front will have apples soon enough… then again, maybe it should be moved to the back yard so we don’t lose all the apples every year? I’d love to put in a cherry or plum tree but they are susceptible to the black knot… unless there’s a variety that is immune or tolerant? Zone 3a is what I would aim for. I’d be happy to have input! Not sure I want a black walnut but it would grow quickly and have a nice shape for that area!

DD neglected to consider the grinding up/removal of willow roots before planting another tree in the same location. My suggestion is to drive around the neighborhood and see what looks healthiest. Can you help us? I am in Ontario and do not know what works well in her climate.


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4 Responses to Name That Tree…PLEASE!

  1. What a shame about that tree. We think of old mature trees as permanent but unfortunately mother nature can wipe out a hundred years of growth in seconds.

  2. Sue says:

    I dream about replacing the Sycamore in my front yard with a tri-colored beech but see the zone hardiness as 4a. Losing a shade tree can be a challenge which is why I don’t just deep-six that nasty Sycamore on the south side of my house.

  3. Sarah says:

    Actually, the plan is to grind up the roots this fall, and plant something next spring. I’m hoping to also find some edible mushroom spores, and inoculated the willow trunk with them. Not sure it will work with willow, though, because ever piece is sprouting currently!

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