Just a small request

I’m about to walk out the door to the car, headed to Alberta to meet my new grandson, not yet a day old! I leave you with this last entry before I return.

I’d like to ask for an extra decade or two.

You see, I’ve become fond of trees. And of course I may be pushing my zone limits on occasion, but how will I know how things turn out? So…

I’d like to ask for an extra decade or two.

There have been trees which I pampered on several occasions. Like that Cercis Forest Pansy. I actually tried three times! Eventually I felt like a murderer and stopped trying. All those Japanese painted ferns that I planted with it are spreading about and I do like them, even though I feel they are reprimanding me…

But since those days I have planted other things!  I planted a beautiful Katsura which grew over six feet tall, until the propane guys ran over it. The company agreed to paying for a new one, but not one cent for the 4 years growth since I had bought it. (How do you compute that anyway?) And so now I have a lovely Katsura Red Fox. That is, until the Propane tank is replaced at the end of this month. Is it possible they will destroy a second Katsura? Maybe I’ll need to ask for TWO extra decades to witness the outcome of this.

Katsura red fox

Last year I picked up a sad little Stewartia. It needed some fairly drastic pruning. This year it is covered with foliage and is looking OK! Actually, it is a bit yellow in the leaf and has been given a drink of root booster and lots of pine needles and compost as well.


I’d like to ask for an extra decade to see how this little one fares!

Recently I planted a very small Cercis ‘little woody’. It is rather amusing to look at with its lumpy leaves. I am told it has dense bloom. I do hope so. I want it to survive all calamities and perform for me! And so I’d also like to ask for an extra decade to see how this tale unfurls.

Little Woody

About 12 years ago I bought a funny little stick of a tree I knew nothing about. They said it would tolerate shade, so that’s where it was planted. It certainly was not happy there, so about 4 years later my son and his friends transplanted the now middle-sized “bush” to a pond-side location where it is doing very well! Success! I would like to see the outcome though. How large will it eventually get? I am eager to know. It is admired by friends. And by the way, it is a fern leaf Buckthorn.

Fern Leaf Buckthorn

I also have a “Seven Sons Tree” which had pretty much the same history, and was moved from semi-shade to full sun. It is covered in buds this year. I need some guidance on shaping it…and  at least a decade to see its new silhouette.

‘Seven Sons’ Heptacodium

Now the Ruby Lace Locust has taken ages to develop a trunk…as opposed to a stick of a stem! But now it sports lovely foliage and a fabulous color job! The drought gave it dried ends…and so I fear it needs some conditioner. I do hope recent rains will help it. It looks lovely in the rain…

Ruby Lace Locust

We planted a nice little oak for a dear friend who passed away. It has really hated the drought this year. It is hard to see it struggle. It is a slow grower anyway, so this is particularly unfair. Please, a few decades are needed to witness the outcome of this special tree!

We have had a sad time of it with apple trees. Few survive well. One Crabapple, “Bechtel”, has done superbly. Next spring we will see if my frantic attempts at watering (but not too much) have helped the young ones this year. Time will tell. Time. There’s that theme again!

Very young qpple

And then, of all years, we decided to plant a maple. Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Flame‘ to be specific. Oh what a brutal thing to do to a poor young tree! Again getting the balance right: lots of water, just not too much. OY!  And so I ask, not for a crystal ball, but a couple of decades…just to see how things turn out. Seems fair to me!


The other day I bought a very small  Quercus robur Pectinata. Now where will I plant this? And then that tiny curly willow shoot I found on a friends sale bench? I need more than time. I need SPACE!


Actually, I guess I need restraint.

There’s the new white lilac…

The recently re-located Cornus Kousa

Last year’s little Fothergilla

The little variegated Fallopia

A one year old Phytolacca

and no doubt more to follow!

PS: This morning I brought home an all white Rose of Sharon and a Buddleia. Oh dear…. You see, wanting to see the outcome applies to my grandchildren as well!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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4 Responses to Just a small request

  1. Sue says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival! I wonder if they have a 12 step program in Alberta for plantaholics?

  2. Oh Marie, huge congratulations! have a safe trip. Now your blog made me smile so hard I almost split my face. …. WE are hopeless you know. I want to get a Daywick’s purple columnar beech…. I hear they don’t mature for thirty to forty years……. I’m turning 60 next week… hahahahahaha.

  3. Denise says:

    Wonderful news. I can see your grandchildren picnicking under memere’s trees.

  4. Julie Kennedy says:

    Congratulations Marie et al! I have been browsing the net every day for news….*LOL* You started out requesting “a” decade and ended needing several! Great blog and photos.


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