August ends…and summer fades

How can it be? Where did it go? The light is different, the days shorter. School is starting.

We’ve had travel, company, and visitors this summer. We’ve had especially wonderful neighbours and garden helpers. The tree expert also is a marvel. The propane company workmen avoided the Katsura Red Fox and all is well there! A new dog groomer has been great!

The barn repair was a quick and inexpensive fix thanks to our rural neighbours’ help. That is the true meaning of neighbour – but we didn’t have as much of that in our city life when neighbours were even closer!

There were visits to the farmer’s market. The peaches this year have been the very best! In my own garden the tomatoes were fabu-fabu. We’ve eaten many tomato pies baked  with puff pastry, pesto, feta cheese and sometimes black olives too. I think I’ll try collecting seed and growing them again next year.

Friends were loads of fun and many were fellow plant addicts. We had some lovely shopping trips together.  (We call it “plant slutting”) Soon our Book Club will resume.

DH talks of retirement but can’t quite commit himself to it yet. He is still cutting back burdocks, stacking wood, and enjoying his dog walks – as well as preparing for teaching his courses. There may be a canoe trip too.

The culmination though has to be the homebirth of baby Forrest Reed J.! My visit to our daughter’s home to help out where I could was wonderful and emotional. Each of her children, (13, 3 and 2) had a wonderful response to this amazing infant’s birth. Fortunately for you, my computer memory is poor and I am limited in photos to share these days.

Skyler and Forrest

Leo at the park

Ivy loved hopscotch

The moon tonight is gorgeous. I am hoping for a beautiful autumn. I’ve been busy dragging hoses again today, but who knows what the garden future holds? I do know mulch will play a role in the garden work. Soon DS and his friends will be arriving. The pace is frantic for this aging couple!


About fromourisland

Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to August ends…and summer fades

  1. Wonderful post my friend. How lovely to see your new addition. Time has sped up on me yet again. I thought May to July went fast, July to September went by at light speed. I’ll blink and turkey day will be here… I need to take a bit of time to enjoy the gardens but then start planning for the big move in of plants

  2. Sue says:

    By the sound of it, we’ve all enjoyed summers brimming with fun and frivolity. Time flying by is the result of a full and active life. You won’t ever hear regrets or complaints from me. Happy fall Marie! Let the good times roll!

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