September Ends in Pink

Already many of my gardening friends speak of Autumn chores and ask me what I have begun in that department. I have been reluctant to start all that work this year. I guess I fear that if I begin, then the clear sunny days will vanish and I’ll be stuck caging plants, digging in bulbs, and mounding roses in frigid gloomy weather.

In fact we have had a wonderful sunny week and actually got a great deal accomplished – a little planting, a bit of “editing”, but mostly weeding and edging, with maybe a little clean-up thrown in to the mix. We cut back a few things (a huge Baptisia for example) and also made time for walk-abouts and studied the markings on spiders and checked out what they caught in their webs.

The crows have been making great noises and the gulls descended on the fields the minute the farmers harvested their crops. We frightened a grouse (?) from under a clematis on the vegetable garden fence this afternoon. Last night the coyotes were howling. When we woke up and walked around the garden, sure enough, the skunks had been out digging in the grass in search of grubs. What havoc!

This morning I cut back the asparagus and took a few photos. DH removed the tomato plants and cages and then began repairing the wheelbarrow. I went with a friend to a nearby town to pick up a present. YES: a load of compost for my Fall garden. Now that is a true friend! Another friend stacked wood on our porch for evening fires in the wood stove. In spite of dramatic clouds which developed, Phoebe the Bouvier watched me mow several sections of lawn before running indoors just as rain began.  Later I roasted fresh vegetables for our pasta toss – tomatoes, garlic, green pepper, eggplant…

And so it was a rather lazy wonderful day! With luck, perhaps tomorrow will be too! As I look at my morning photos, pink is the colour du jour. I do not think of myself as having pink in the garden…. but photos don’t lie, do they? Take a look:

Morden’s Blush

PS: DD got her hair pruned too! (and it isn’t pink!)


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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3 Responses to September Ends in Pink

  1. Mary Waind says:

    A wonderful day, yes, Marie…lazy, no – you accomplished a lot. We both had visits from special birds, yours with the grouse, mine with a heron by the tiny pond in our backyard.

  2. Sue says:

    Pretty in pink! Like you, I’ve been putting off fall garden chores. It seems like there’s never enough time. Soon I won’t have any choice. Happy October, Marie!

  3. I’m smiling and smiling. Iso love Pink and what fun to see your lovely new addition

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