Something old…

As I hung clean shirts in DH’s closet this morning, I was stunned for a moment. There on the left was a rod loaded with neckties. Yes, neckties! When was the last time he wore one of those? I’m sure the answer is numbered in years, not weeks or months. I know the 3 cats enjoy playing with them – but is that a good enough reason for keeping them? Each one is old, boring, and… well ugly! (He doesn’t agree…) They frequently slide off onto the floor. Ah, an exercise opportunity!

I wonder if some of the plants in my garden aren’t equally boring. You know, that huge old stand of rudbeckias or purple echinaceas, and that clematis that has only 3 blooms even in a good year. How about the peony that came with the house years ago, or maybe a plain old hosta or an ancient lilac that sends up suckers every spring.

Well, I can justify keeping any one of these plants –

but NOT the neckties. They will never be used again.

The plants may easily have sentimental value that will be noticed frequently. Just because styles in plants change rapidly does not mean that the old standby plants are not beautiful, healthy or appropriate in their location. They may smell divine, remind me of Aunt Ethel’s garden or even of my trip to Helsinki. I’m keeping most of my oldies for now. But watch out DH! Those ties may just have to go soon!

Yes, I am still hesitating about fall cleanup. Good thing there is rain in the forecast for the next week at least. I can delay decision making a bit longer.


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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