Phoebe Surveys the Farm

As the weather cools, Phoebe enjoys the outdoors much more and becomes more playful. She enjoys prancing about, protecting us from squirrels and strangers who drive in. (such as the Fedex man, the fresh fish salesman, etc)

Today it is fairly quiet and so we are walking about looking at what is left of the foliage.

The “Bloodroot Trail”


The Redbud still looks cheerful!

The Tamaracks are bright gold before their needles drop.

Looking toward the vegetable garden with its arbor…

Amsonia is a big favourite for me…

And Fothergilla too!

Oh no- I’ve forgotten which ornamental grass this is…but I love it!

Today we must put the bird bath away. Sorry Phoebe, I know you think it is your drinking fountain!


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4 Responses to Phoebe Surveys the Farm

  1. Love the changing seasons in the gardens. The fothergilla will be gorgeous soon too

  2. Michelle says:

    Lots of color around your place. Sad to see it all go.

  3. Chris Nicholson says:

    I enjoyed this walk around so much. It gave me several ideas about highlighting plants or moving
    things into strategic places on our farm paths. There are many similarities between our places.
    I can get photos on my camera, I just need to review how to get them on line.
    Many of our sugar maples still have some of their leaves though a lot of other trees are bare now. From my office window is the line of sycamores which progress in even rhythm along the creek beyond our half acre pond. They disappear all summer and then emerge for their fall and winter show with white bark and tall straight trunks punctuating the scene.
    There was another country stroll led by a dog on the blog A Garden for the House.

    Loved seeing your Alberta family and recalling our family’s Canada trips–NS to BC in the 70s 80s. Our son attended boarding school on Lake Kootenai in BC in the early 70s.

  4. Thank you friends! Chris, I found Lily the beagle’s tour on Google. Lucky dog!

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