This is a most unlikely post for me since red is the very last colour I select for our gardens…and my friends all know this. I have worked hard to conquer this, and it is a mighty slow process for me. But nature has been helping me with my affliction this fall.

Take a look….

The Berberis hedge

And Berberis berries

Golden Berberis berries too

The Purple Sandcherry glows in the sun

There are bright red Cornus stems also.

Our young Japanese Maple has turned from burgundy to a true red.

A few remaining Knautia blooms …

Red tones appear in Heucheras

and Geraniums.

The Euonymus europaeus shrubs are all aglow!

And several kinds of ornamental grasses turn to red at this time.

I can no longer deny that I have a good amount of red in my gardens… just not everywhere!


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5 Responses to RED

  1. Sue says:

    You’re getting there! Berberis is on the invasive plant list in CT. Unfortunately it is still allowed to be sold. Even so, I removed all mine years ago.

  2. So many gorgeous things going on this time of the year. It’s interesting how the landscape takes on such HOT colors before turning brown and gray for the winter

  3. Mary Waind says:

    Marie, can you tell me when the flower show is usually held in town? Checked the Elora Hort. webpage and OHA webpage. Excited to find the town’s flower is the peony. I didn’t know that and I have the peony as a key thing in the story I’m working on. Perfect! Mary

  4. Layanee says:

    Many of the cultivars of Berberis do not reseed although yours looks standard and is very pretty. I love the tiny flowers on this shrub in springtime. So small they almost escape unnoticed. I like red but my nemesis is school bus orange. Ugh. It does stand out though.

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