Special People

This is a comment in praise of the handyman. Everyone needs one!

OK, he’s a bit crazy, but he suits us perfectly. He’s a cyclist and rides about 25 kilometers each way to work here. “Isn’t this WONDERFUL weather today?” It was about 2 degrees C (36F) and gloomy in my estimation. Maybe being Polish explains this attitude in part.

He pretty much decides what he thinks needs doing, which is just fine with us. And so he cleaned up branches from the storm and put them on the fire pit. He had bought us a garage door last week, cheaply, and had his wife deliver it last Sunday. She drives. Then today he installed it with locks.

rainbarrels and door hardware

Next he emptied rain barrels and stored them in the barn. Then he turned off the outside water and stored the hoses as well. Then he stacked bags of compost in the garage for use on my more fragile plants in the next couple of weeks. Next he filled a hole leading to the basement cellar to keep mice and cold air out.

Since we had dealt with the patio furniture already, he next decided to find T-bars in the barn and shore up the fence along our front laneway. He knew where the wire and wire cutters were stored for the job. I think this job has been waiting for at least 5 years, but in only a short time things were looking great! I have planted five Sweet Autumn Clematis along that fence.

He has spotted a few jobs for next year: some touch up painting, clearing an outside drain, a bit of barn cleanup. But every time he comes, I wonder why so much gets done so quickly.

I’m the great worrier around here, and with hurricane Sandy’s recent visit, my worrying is in high gear. DH has had our fire extinguishers checked recently. Today he was checking that our small Coleman stove is operational. Now it is my turn to get the pantry filled and organized, keeping the pets in mind as well. It doesn’t get easier as we get older either. But the wood is all stacked and ready, and potable water is at the ready in short notice. Flashlights, batteries and matches are always in supply.

I don’t want to spread doom and gloom, but I’d rather be ready. Nature can really be nasty, and the great Quebec ice storm of 1998 is still vivid in my mind.  And being so connected to Haiti, I can’t help but make comparisons between the northeast coast and their tragedies.

We still have a few colourful berries these days and I haven’t yet had the heart to dig up my artichokes…

There’s always more to do, but having a handyman really improves my outlook! Next? Caging the plants against winter rodents. Brrrr. There are supposed to be a few sunny days next week, so that should do the trick!


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4 Responses to Special People

  1. Wow, I would love to have a handy man like that! I think that would improve my outlook immediately. Love the view of your barn and field, too.

  2. Sue says:

    How far will he ride? 🙂

  3. Layanee says:

    The handyman here is the Equipment Manager, EM for short and since I am married to him things don’t get done as quickly as I would like. Still, all he requires is a bit of attention now and then.

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