It’s the Little Things….

Whether in the kitchen or the garden, little things can make a big difference. When it comes to tools, certain ones end up being more comfortable or more useful than others. Some just seem to “fit” better than others, and it isn’t the price that always makes the difference either. I have a small pair of wire cutters and those are among my favourite tools. I use them for cutting small pieces of hardware cloth for lining pots. I also use them on fine chicken wire when caging plants against rodents at this time of year. There’s just something satisfying about them!

Years ago I was given a super little shovel, a “rabbiting spade”, and this narrow tool is mighty useful and comfortable for me too.  (,64944&p=64727)

My blue short handled garden forks are the most used tools of all. I use them for all sorts of jobs, but mainly for weeding. The other day I came across some handsome wooden handled gardening forks. Now I know that the blue ones are more easily seen and hence less likely to be lost, but there was something that spoke to me when I saw the simple wooden ones. Next spring we’ll see which is the most comfortable.

The wheelbarrow is likely the all round most necessary item. We carry wood in it, weeds to the compost area, bags of compost, and much much more. Couldn’t garden without it!

Being somewhat organized is also necessary on a large property. These small hooks for hanging tools have really come in handy. Not expensive either! That doesn’t mean our garage is a gallery or museum, but at least we know where to find things!

When we moved here we found an old old rabbit hutch in the barn and now I use it for storing pots and such things over the winter. Both cars can now fit in the garage which was nothing but a dream when we first arrived here.

My potting bench (to the right of the rabbit hutch) has recently acquired wheels, a very practical way of moving it in and out of the garage as the seasons change. They weren’t inexpensive, but are OH SO USEFUL!

There is still a day or two of serious cleanup and caging needed before the garden is ready for winter. Once that is completed, the riding mower will be put away until warm weather returns.

These are the very last green things to be enjoyed outdoors for 2012. Today’s bit of sun was a true gift!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to It’s the Little Things….

  1. Sue says:

    I need to take some lessons on garage organization from you, Marie. Already I see one idea I can use-an empty drywall joint pail to store garden stakes and supports.

    Today was sunny here too. I had to enjoy it from my office. Hopefully more of the same tomorrow.


  2. Nice, nice, nice! I need to get the plants out of the garage and get the tools organized. I use a wire shelving unit that Doug added wheels to for a potting bench and it works a treat.

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