Well I’ll be….November 16th!

Today we worked on more garden cleanup here at the farm. Lots of caging with chicken wire and hardware cloth was needed to prevent rabbits and mice and other critters from chomping trees and shrubs. I love the huge spool of string in the wheelbarrow! Here a clematis is being protected from the rodents. It blooms on old wood.

Even though a day late for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day I was on the lookout for the last flower of the season, should there even be one. Sure enough, there were several of these around. What a surprise!

We also cut back quite a few things, (roses, Gillenia, chocolate Eupatorium etc) and discovered these pale Sedum blooms.

There appears to be some nice foliage still.



as well as the artichokes still hanging on in spite of frosts.

The Viburnum ‘shasta’ needs special attention, as does Leycesteria ‘Golden Lanterns’,  a Witchhazel, and other shrubs.

In this bed we discovered a phlox still in bloom!

We also discovered a few asters after some heavy pruning back.

Although not exactly flowers, these caught my attention too:

Epimedium lilafee

and Calamagrostis ‘Ovedam’ in the sun

While my friends tended to caging more clematis, I spied a (very) few more flowers.


Down in the flats I uncovered this dainty Corydalis.

The Euonymus europeus is still somewhat colorful

and the fern leaf Buckthorn is hanging on to a few butterscotch coloured leaves.

We’re not done yet, but I think a few cool sunny days remain to finish our tasks.

Make sure to check out what others found in their gardens here:

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4 Responses to Well I’ll be….November 16th!

  1. Layanee says:

    Your dandelion looks so much nicer than mine. Frost on the ground this morning. Enjoy the day and thanks for visiting me in RI..

  2. Lee May says:

    Your cleanup looks like a delightful tour of the garden at season’s end. But that end certainly is not without charm and beauty. I love the transition of plants from high bloom to graceful aging.

    All the best,

  3. Rose says:

    This just shows that if you look closely enough, you can find all kinds of surprises. Besides the surprising blooms, though, the foliage in your garden is so colorful and lovely. I’m crossing my fingers for a few nice days after Thanksgiving to finish up some garden work here. A belated Happy Bloom Day!

  4. gardenbug says:

    Thank you all…I have two more days of fine weather to work and enjoy the “graceful aging” and end of season surprises. I hope you all get a day or two to enjoy your gardens as well. I must concentrate on enjoying the first flurries come Friday.

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