The Year in Review

A Photo Calender

Here it is,  the end of November. We’ve had flurries today and now the sun is setting. How dark it is at 5:30!

Now that the garden cleanup is completed, it is time to take a look at the year in review. How hard it is to condense a year’s activities into just 12 photographs to share with you! (I didn’t succeed…)  I haven’t given adequate time to this year’s garden I’m afraid. Because of a mild winter and early spring, most things did exceptionally well though. Not all our time was spent at home as we felt the urge to help our son with his efforts in Haiti. It was difficult to be away during Skyler’s open heart surgeries, but what a happy & emotional phone call we received over a restaurant meal in a hotel in Les Cailles, Haiti! Cell phones are fantastic in such situations!

While in Haiti we also enjoyed participating in EPHAS (Every Person Has A Story) photography lessons in several schools, as well as visiting two orphanages near Jacmel and several more schools. Later we  followed our son’s journals on the web while he traveled to Jamaica and later to Madagascar with his educational laptop work for children.

This past season I was fortunate to have the help of two lovely gardening friends who made all our travel possible by caring for our gardens while we were away (and after we returned too.  🙂 ) And did we ever appreciate the ripe tomatoes at the end of summer! A kind neighbour cared for our cats.

In June my husband took a holiday to visit our daughter’s family and joined them at the North Country Fair in Alberta. He had a wonderful time, but I couldn’t bear to abandon my gardens, knowing that I’d be visiting there in August.

August was indeed very special with our new grandson’s home birth. How wonderful to see his siblings enchanted by his arrival!

Then came Fall…and my special birthday. It was a flurry of visitors, phone calls and plant shopping. And now high hopes for the growing trees next year.

      December 2011                                                                      Teaching teachers in Haiti

                                        January 2012 The library continues after we leave!

      February 2012  Our grandson in Alberta gained 7 pounds
since his two open heart surgeries in December!

                                 March 2012              Our witchhazel blooms at home

                  April 2012    Back to Haiti with more educational supplies and laptops

                  May 2012          Fabulous mangos in Haiti! (A walk with a kids’ photography group)

                                 June 2012                                         A class in Jamaica

                 June 2012 (still)                                               A scene from Madagascar

                                  June 2012                             Father’s Day in Alberta!

      June 2012                                                                                  The grandchildren at play

                        July 2012                 A mix of clematis on an arbor here at home

                August 2012 Our new grandson is born! I manage to visit him in Alberta.

      September 2012                                                         Family and Leo’s second birthday

     October 2012                   Colour comes to the farm. We should all age so beautifully!

        November 2012 Caging clematis against winter rodents.What a chore but it must be done! UGLY!

Overall, a tough but fascinating year. I wonder what next year will bring!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to The Year in Review

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    What a wonderful journal (and journey) your year has been!

  2. Sue says:

    Agreed that summarizing a year with twelve photos would be a challenge but what a great idea!

    I had to laugh at your first photo of dusk-that happens at my house at 4:30 right now!

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