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Favourite Thing Saturday (17)

Enjoying the peace and quiet that follows Christmas. Advertisements

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Wednesday (20)

The Christmas puzzle is finished!The Buffalo Seminary              My highschool – Class of 1960

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A Bookish Christmas!

Our family, separated by many miles, has taken to sharing photo books we make after visits and celebrations. This morning I eagerly opened two new ones from the “kids” out west.  The first one was a month by month set … Continue reading

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First Haircut

Last August I’ll miss the little guy who played peek-a-boo But I can’t wait to visit Our Christmas Boy! Sharing with Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage

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Wednesday (19)

Our son is in Birmingham, trying to drum up Christmas spirit for a project in Kenya. These are just a few of his recent photos. Most are about thoughts, words and deeds, and so this post is not a Wordless … Continue reading

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Favourite Thing Saturday (16)

CONTACT! Communication with Haiti is fraught with difficulty. At last I was successful in making contact with my friend this week. (at 12 minutes past 12, on 12-12-12!) It was so good to hear his voice through the noise of … Continue reading

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***** Heartbroken *****

Listen to the children and to anyone in pain. Over the long haul.

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