Indoor Surprises (and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day)

You have to understand that I am not good at caring for indoor plants. Add on to this the fact that I travel at odd times and must ask my neighbour to help with watering. She is likely better at this than I am!

Recently the plants that I brought indoors for the winter have been surprising me. Normally, all I expect of them is to survive. This is a long haul though, from October to May, and so I frequently have many stems and leaves that turn brown and fall off. The plants get light, but how much is enough…or too much? I do what I can. Here are some of the surprises:

Buds and blooms on my variegated AcanthusDec11-2012AcanthusVariegated

Aloe pinto, sending up flower stemsDec11-2012Aloa1

Clematis buds!Dec11-2012ClematisBud

Fuchsia bloomsDec11-2012Fuchsias1

You may have some hints on the care for some of these…. but I don’t expect them to survive until summer really, so the joy is in the moment.


Shared with Garden Bloggers Bloom Day over at May Dreams Gardens Gardens


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4 Responses to Indoor Surprises (and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day)

  1. I am most impressed with the flowers on Acanthus ‘Whitewater.’ I brought mine inside but thus far have been witnessing only foliage – of which none remains variegated. Alas.

  2. Lee May says:

    You’re much more talented than you claim – getting an impressive range of plants to bud and bloom. Clematis indoors!? Enjoy.

  3. Debra says:

    Clematis inside! Wow.. I want to try bringing some things in next year! πŸ™‚ Beautiful photos!

  4. gardenbug says:

    There are small clematis that cannot tolerate our winters, and so I grow them in containers outside and sometimes bring them indoors for winter. They turn brown and appear to die… but that is natural after blooming all summer. The plants need a break! So after a month or two, small green shoots, and sometimes buds, appear. It’s all about patience and luck.

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