Wednesday Walk (21)

Our son captured this shot of a nearby bridge as he returned from a long walk.Jan-2013Bridge-by-Adam

I always enjoy a new slant on familiar surroundings.

I need to add this photo which gives a story:Jan9-2013

I get a laugh out of the old Pilkington coat of arms. First the old castle at the top is a hoot, but beneath that you see a circle which represents a pill, then a crown representing a king, then the weight for the ton.  My goodness!

The bridge was rebuilt last year. The township of Pilkington no longer exists except in people’s minds as amalgamation made it a part of present day Centre Wellington.


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One Response to Wednesday Walk (21)

  1. Sue says:

    Nice shot-night photography is something I struggle to get right. I always enjoy it when other people photograph my garden. When you’re familiar with something you don’t often think to change your perspective.

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