Never a dull moment with the grandchildren…

Sharing noodles during a special meal made by DaddyFeb-2013-Edmonton1

Vacuuming is fun still at this age…Feb-2013-Edmonton13-Leo-Vacuums

Twirling in her “parachute dress”Feb-2013-Edmonton3.5Feb-2013-Edmonton3

Homework with DadFeb-2013-Edmonton7-Area-of-prisms

Doing the chicken dance with MommyFeb-2013-Edmonton15-ChickenDance

Indy gets a bath and smells great!Feb-2013-Edmonton20-Indy Feb-2013-Edmonton21-IndyIvy

Mommy lets the kids choose a bird photo and then plays the bird calls for each childFeb-2013-Edmonton6(bird-songs)

Baby Forrest is usually all smiles..except when Mommy needs sleep or wants to go play hockey.Feb-2013-Edmonton10-Forrest

More another day…


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Never a dull moment with the grandchildren…

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    Just got my internet back after about an 18 hour off time. I’d been wondering how your helping visit was going. It’s fun to see your pics of young grandchildren. Our 5 are on the verge of
    independence, The most communicative one right now is the youngest who is on foreign study in Edinburgh though still keeping up with the Hobbit and various other folklore. Scotland is great
    for that interest.
    Fourteen Canada Geese arrived on the pond this morning. I think they’ve just had a long trip because they’re acting tired. Their usual arrival is first week of March. I expect we’ll have “goose
    wars” soon while they decide who gets to nest here. Most of the geese in public water around here are permanent residents but we seem to get migrators.

  2. Michelle says:

    Gosh they sure are getting big. Ivy looks like she likes to dance and twirl. Typical little girl. How nice that Leo “helps” with the house cleaning. What a smiling little guy Forrest is. All four are adorable. I’m sure you enjoyed your time with them.

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