After an Accident

About 3 weeks ago our daughter’s family survived a horrendous accident involving black ice. The car, with 5 people and a dog on board, rolled 1 1/2 times, landing upside down in snow. Alert people came to the rescue instantly.  First was an emergency worker with his wife, a dog rescuer. They drove the dog from the highway to a family friend’s home. Two ambulances arrived to take all the people for checkups. Verdict? One dead car, 5 healthy people!

The next day the same stretch of highway was closed with many accidents scattered about.

While I was visiting there for two weeks (DSIL had scheduled knee surgery), frequent visits to the chiropractor were arranged. I took a few moments to capture the kids who enjoy these trips. For them, the highlight is the elevator buttons!

Here is Leo who wanted to be first.Feb-2013-Edmonton16-ChiropractorLeo

Ivy was nextFeb-2013-Edmonton17-ChiropractorIvy

Forrest nextFeb-2013-Edmonton18-ChiropractorForrest

Mommy was last, the one who needs the most attention, but that’s partly due to her hockey games.

Organizing these outings is no simple thing. Thank goodness all is well! DSIL is so thankful that they had quality car seats for all. There are now all new car seats and a new (to them) vehicle. I still tremble at what might have been. Ivy talks frequently about the accident and makes sure everyone is safely buckled in.


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2 Responses to After an Accident

  1. How terrifying! I’m so glad that everyone is OK. I had a few scary encounters with black ice when I lived in the mountains on the east coast. In fact that is one of the reasons I moved to California and don’t like traveling back east in winter.

  2. Jack says:

    What a frightening experience. I am glad all is well now.

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