How they grow!

It is fun to see all the changes in the grandchildren.

Skyler was 7 when I first met him, sweet and full of joy, excitement and giggles. This is how he looks at 13. Pretty typical I guess! Just glued to his phone and electronics…

Feb-2013EdmontonSkylerHow fortunate that he loves his siblings! Here he is playing with baby Forrest.Feb-2013-Edmonton-ForrestSkyler

Ivy is very tall for 3 1/2. Little Miss Chatterbox is a delight mostly, but has a very hard time waking up. Avoid her at those times! She loves to cook and eat! Here she’s adding broccoli to our dinner. She loves raw vegetables (unlike her older brother!)Feb-2013-Edmonton14B-IvyAddsBroccoliAt a restaurant, Ivy was enchanted by the baby fish in an aquarium.Feb-2013-Edmonton25

Ivy and Leo (2 1/2) both adore books and being read to. Leo has learned a few songs at his preschool (1 day a week). In the two weeks I was there, he became quite articulate! He sings Happy Birthday too. He loves building with trains, and making puzzles. One day I took him around a few blocks on a sled.Feb-2013-Edmonton19LeoNanaSled

He has begun playing with other children rather than parallel play.Feb-2013-Edmonton-LeoTrainPlay

Forrest (5 months) is a sweetheart and a smiley boy (unless his Mom is away playing hockey!) He is showing early interest in eating table foods. Here he wants some Mango Lassi – like everyone else.Feb-2013-Edmonton-ForrestMangoLassi

Forrest also enjoyed visiting school and found a friend to interact with:Feb-2013-Edmonton27LeoSchool47

DSIL was a great sport and let me take a picture of him dolled up in his swimsuit, boots and a coat as he went out to shovel off the hot tub! We all had a good laugh. The next day he had knee surgery. That was a struggle, but he is doing very well already and is driving again.Feb-2013Wayne1

This guy is a super silly joker with the kids! Here he is with more dinner time noodle games:Feb-2013NoodlesC

Sarah is amazing at doing what needs to be done without sleep! She’s just a wonderful Mommy, attentive to every member of the family.Feb-2013-Edmonton23B

***It was a fine fine visit!***

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6 Responses to How they grow!

  1. lisa says:

    i can’t wait for grandchildren! I am a mom of 5 and can’t wait for little people to be back in my life. Visiting from favorite things, and hope you can stop by my enchanted oven to say hi!

  2. balisha says:

    It looks like a busy fun time at your house. Aren’t grand kids neat?

  3. You have such a sweet family! I have one granddaughter (almost 7) and see her all the time, but I’m always surprised by how much she has grown and matured when I look back a photos!

  4. gardenbug says:

    I never expected grandchildren…They are an amazing treat! The only problem is that they live so very far away.

  5. Claudia says:

    You must be so proud of all of them! They are lovely children and they are blessed with great parents (and grandparents!)

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  6. Sally says:

    Such a sweet and fun post! Love the noodle game hijinks!

    Happy week to you!

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