The Time is NOW!

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February is coming to a close, the daylight hours are increasing, the indoor plants are showing signs of growth…and I am back from travels for a while. This can only mean one thing: time for me to exercise and prepare for those months ahead when I’ll be weeding & weeding & weeding!

Yesterday and today I’ve slowly begun to get moving on my treadmill. Yesterday I dusted off the machine but only had time for 15 minutes of exercise. I hope to do twice that today. My very basic machine indicates calories burned. So far today, 160…but there will be more! I only do a steady walk, but everything helps. I set the incline to 3.5 and my speed is about 3.2. I need to be careful of my knees.

Feb22-2013TreadmillThe best part for me is that the machine is surrounded by my indoor plants, so I think about garden things while I walk. (The washing machine is nearby too…so I throw in a load before I get going.)

Feb22-2013Plants1 Feb22-2013Plants2

I think these are Calla Lilies…Feb22-2013Plants3CallaLilies Feb22-2013Plants4orchid Feb22-2013Plants5 Feb22-2013Plants6

This variegated Acanthus is still blooming!Feb22-2013Plants7Acanthus

Slowly this Clivia bud is changing color. It will be bright orange soon I expect.Feb22-2013Plants8CliviaWe are still at the stage where we need to haul firewood from the barn, so that is exercise as well. I look forward to getting started on the vegetable garden. I may have to start planning for seed starting soon!


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13 Responses to The Time is NOW!

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    Hi, I thought I saw a bear’s breaches among your house plants. Here in zone 5 I have had acanthus spinosa in my garden–a gift from my sister’s plants–for about 10 years with foliage
    but no blooms. I never thought of trying it inside. I really want blooms which is why I haven’t shoveled it out. I think I’ll try some inside. I’m also thinking of trying root cuttings to see if I can induce bloom.
    We have a sheet of ice over our gravel paths and grass and the gravel drive. Roads which get
    city/county care have been de-iced but lanes and private farm roads are still icy. The temp is in the middle thirties. We have a 70mile+ drive planned for tomorrow–here’s hoping it will be a little warmer.
    Chris N,

  2. Chris Nicholson says:

    I did walk 2 miles with the RealAge walking video this morning. It feels good getting ready for garden season. Chris N.

    • gardenbug says:

      I’m impressed with your morning walk!

      As for the Acanthus, I have plain ones in our garden which flower each year. I was told that the variegated version is more fragile, so I brought it indoors in October. It bloomed after that…and continues to my surprise. The variegation is only on several leaves though. I hope it survives until June when I can safely take it outdoors again.
      Safe journey! We are getting snow once more…and my husband says it is slippery driving once again.

  3. Don’t you love the signs of spring! So cheery. Can’t wait, even though it snowed the entire day again today. 😦

  4. Claudia says:

    You’re absolutely right and why don’t I do the same? I should be exercising in preparation for my garden work! Thanks for (hopefully) inspiring me.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  5. Debra says:

    OH look at all your pretty plants…I can almost SMELL spring and the dirt 🙂

  6. Diane says:

    Very pretty plants!

  7. balisha says:

    I started doing some new exercises just yesterday and today I’m stiff and sore.
    I do love your plants…you must have a green thumb.

  8. Sue says:

    I wish my home had as much natural light as yours Marie. Most of my workouts are at night so I guess it wouldn’t matter from that standpoint. Good for you for getting back on the treadmill! No pain, no gain.

  9. Michelle says:

    Your indoor plants look quite happy and healthy. We have a TV in front of our treadmill since Rick likes to watch as he walks. I don’t use it much. I stick to my swimming and now that we have some snow again my snowshoeing. It all helps.

  10. Sarah says:

    I notice the Cala Lilies… Ours didn’t come back this spring. Might need to get some babies back sometime.
    Snow just hit us again too. Hope it melts sooner rather than later.

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