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The White Room

Our laundry room is actually a wonderful space that serves many purposes. It has always been called “The white room”. When we moved here 16 years ago, this room had never been painted. So now, even though pale green, it … Continue reading

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A Barn

An old barn can be a beautiful structure. But mainly it is a busy place that needs tending in order to stay useful for the many tasks involved in running a farm. Our barn is a tired old structure. It … Continue reading

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Sock it to me!

A pretty strange thing has happened. With the gray gloom which surrounds us as we wait impatiently for spring, my mind has returned to knitting! I went to a neighboring town with my husband on Saturday and picked up THREE … Continue reading

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It’s a Cat’s Life….

These days of waiting for the REAL spring to arrive are getting tiresome. Sloppy daytime weather alternating with icy evenings, dirty snow, gloomy gray clouds…well it’s enough to get you down! The cats agree. There is even a third feline … Continue reading

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Giggles Everywhere

Sharing with Claudia’s A Favorite Thing. This week I received photos of my granddaughter Ivy while she was enjoying a play date. I remember well the giggles I shared with my friend Kathy years ago. They mystified…even infuriated…my father. I … Continue reading

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I wish Henry were wrong…. Here at the farm, things are not colorful. In fact, the snow is dirty and drab, the snowdrops are hiding and the cardinals and wood ducks have left, no blue herons in sight. Squirrels and … Continue reading

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Port-au-Prince: Mission Possible!

We have a few more photos as the journey progresses! My son explains in French the laptop options to Mme. Kettly, a local and capable school leader — at Port-au-Prince Haiti . Volunteers Bill and George look on. Adam explains … Continue reading

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