The Times In Between

It is during days such as these that we don’t know what to wear…especially when it comes to footwear. Yaktrax for ice or boots for muck? I chose rubber boots this time. Today is certainly a cold crisp one, and the sunny skies are a real boost to my spirits! Before heading outside into the mud, I was thrilled to see that under the plant lights, my artichoke seedlings are beginning to pop up.


The Amaryllis attracted my attention from behind!March14-2013Amaryllis

And the Calla lilies began to open wide enough to show off their markings.March12013CallaLilyMarkings1

The lazy cats are soaking up the rays!March14-2013CatsInSun

Outside, things are melting in spite of the cold. The creek is not so fierce, the pond has very little ice, there are hardly any ice chunks flowing past.March14-2013melting1


You can see how much lower the water is here since only yesterday.March14-2013melting5

Critters have been investigating the water’s edges.March14-2013melting6

Only a few slabs of ice remain.March14-2013melting7

Snow on the dock is still there, but not for long. Soon snapping turtles will be sun bathing here!March14-2013melting3

Phoebe has checked which wildlife has passed by. Sniff sniff sniff…March14-2013melting8

How wonderful to be able to reach the snowdrops today!March14-2013Snowdrops

The winter aconites will likely be open by the barn this afternoon.March14-2013Winter-aconite-(Eranthis-hyemalis)

Oh! Here’s one!March14-2013Winter-aconite2-(Eranthis-hyemalis)

Nevertheless, I needed the colour indoors. After collecting more wood from the barn,  I  picked these up while running errands in town. A treat pour moi!March14-2013Tulips


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One Response to The Times In Between

  1. Lee says:

    What beautiful winter scenery. Your evocative images almost made me want the snow season to go on. Almost. Then I slapped myself back to cold reality. Enjoy.

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