A Barn

An old barn can be a beautiful structure. But mainly it is a busy place that needs tending in order to stay useful for the many tasks involved in running a farm. Our barn is a tired old structure. It no longer houses animals, which means it is in constant need of repair as there is no heat generated by cows, pigs or goats. The old hoses have been removed as well as most of the watering bowls.  In spite of this, we remain terribly attached to our barn.

This barn of ours is a bit like a storage area for someone’s garage sale… We keep our patio chairs and tomato cages there. Garden hoses are stored in the old chicken coop. Our old ping pong table gets used about once a year out there. There are ancient bicycles in case visitors want a bike ride.  Our son and daughter, who no longer live at home here, manage to each have an area for storing their junk.

The old beams are huge and hand hewn. In the 1930s, a silo was built inside the barn…an unusual location for sure! We have built a staircase from the upper level to the lower. We modernized the electricity inside…of necessity. A new back door was made by our son. Huge numbers of tiny glass window panes were replaced by father and son. The raccoons, squirrels and pigeons all claim the barn as theirs. And here we thought it was ours, a place to keep the mower and garden supplies over the winter… We also store wood there for our wood stove.

The top of the silo needs repair… a difficult job!March-20-2013Spring3

We should have cleaned out the barn this winter before the busy days begin. But we didn’t. As I took a tour this morning, I see much too much that needs doing! But every year, a little bit more gets accomplished.

One of many stacks of wood downstairsMarch25-2013Barn1wood

A mountain of kindlingMarch25-2013Barn-WoodKindling

Cedar rails are stored for repair work..along with a few tomato cagesMarch25-2013Barn-CedarRails

The root cellar, no longer in use.March25-2013Barn-RootCellar

The upper floorMarch25-2013Barn-InteriorUpstairs


The roof inside with access for changing high up light bulbs!March25-2013Barn-RoofInside


This is the silo as seen on the upper level.March25-2013Barn-SiloInside

 DD’s posessions are upstairsMarch25-2013Barn-DDStorage

Garden hoses in the old chicken coop are also upstairsMarch25-2013Barn-HoseStorage

As are the patio chairs and the ping pong tableMarch25-2013Barn-Storage2

Old bikes for visitors who want to ride aboutMarch25-2013Barn-OldBikes

rabbit cages are upstairs tooMarch25-2013Barn-RabbitCages

A swing for children is near the ping pong table..March25-2013Barn-Swing

For those who want to sleep with the coons… a tentMarch25-2013Barn-Tent

Back down below, there is old wind fencing near empty rain barrels.March25-2013BarnSnowFencing

The mower and its wagon are kept below as wellMarch25-2013Barn-Storage

Storm windows and screens are beneath the stairsMarch25-2013Barn-Storage3


Not sure what to do with this. I DON’T want a tire garden…March25-2013Barn-Tire

Here you see the silo from the inside, on the lower level.March25-2013Barn-BaseOfInteriorSilo

The stairs were added to make life easierMarch25-2013Barn-Staircase

An old water bowl remainsMarch25-2013Barn-WaterBowl

The sliding back door made by our son and a friendMarch25-2013BarnBackDoor

There’s always something that requires work in a barn. It is a sponge for repairs! But we love it, and when we see neighbor barns deteriorating and crumbling to the ground, it is an emotional thing indeed.


I left my heart in Haiti… Do visit updates here as well! http://haitidreams.wordpress.com/


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4 Responses to A Barn

  1. Chris Nicholson says:

    One more of the common things we share! Our 1850 pegged barn is used much the same way. Being Indiana we have a hog chute wagon outside the barn. We’re getting fluffy snow showers on top of the 4.5 inches we got last night.
    Happy spring!
    Chris N.

  2. Sue says:

    I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn’t have to “sleep with the coons” during my visit :). Love the barn. Both the barn, the pond and the bridge have always provided an excellent backdrop for your garden.

  3. Alice Jordon says:

    Marie, your barn is awesome!

  4. Lee says:

    Your old barn is priceless. Useful, well-crafted, artistic; it’s all that. Like a work horse, it’s far better than just any ol’ show horse. I love that image of the swing near the ping pong table. And the sliding back door is a fine piece.

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