April at last!

April, on this first day, is behaving like the end of March here in Ontario. It is a cold blustery day.


If you look carefully though, there certainly are signs of things to come! There is some lovely sunshine, and beyond that there are bulbs peeking up out of the ground. First for us were the cheerful yellow winter aconites followed by the snowdrops. Both have spread into larger patches this year.

March14-2013Winter-aconite2-(Eranthis-hyemalis) March25-2013Snowdrops

In our neck of the woods, we have iris reticulata starting to bloom in protected areas.


There are Allium Purple Sensation rising from the frozen earth now. These are a favorite of my husband’s. The narcissus patches are poking up as well, and under our crabapple tree there are clumps of tulips appearing too. The other day I even saw Camassia tips emerging.  I am eager for the bloodroot though. These are among my favorites! To me they look like green cigars unfolding their beautifully shaped leaves. They don’t last long in a warm spring, so perhaps we will have them lasting longer this year? The fact that they are native to our area is a bonus to my mind.

These are bloodroot from last year.April8-2012Bloodroot1

I can’t wait for the show to begin!


At this time last year I was traveling and missed some of the early show.

I left my heart in Haiti… Do visit updates here as well! http://haitidreams.wordpress.com/


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4 Responses to April at last!

  1. Mary Waind says:

    Lovely, Marie! You have me looking for the bloodroot too. So far just scillas and snowdrops here, the odd crocus and lots of green shoots of other things coming 😉 Mary http://marywaindbeechcrofttales.blogspot.com

  2. Lee says:

    Odd and beautiful that in Canada, you’re outblooming me here in Connecticut. Nature’s playing an April Fool’s joke on me.

  3. Alice Jordon says:

    I can only imagine how ready you are for spring after a long, cold winter! My bloodroot is up but no blooms yet–it is over a month late appearing due to our very cold March–colder than either December, January, or February. Beautiful day in Atlanta–mid 70’s with sun. I played in the garden all day.

  4. Jeanmarie says:

    My sentiments, exactly, Lee, about Canada outblooming you in Connecticut and me in New Jersey! But is is nice to see the Canadian blooms peeking through the snow!

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