April, 2013

My daughter lives far away in colder climes, but this year we seem to share the same slow start to spring: This is what she mailed me today.

Ah yes, we are at least a month behind last year. Yesterday and today I managed a few hours cutting back ornamental grasses. So satisfying! This first time out in the garden has given me very sore bones but it has brought on the excitement. There is so much to look forward to that I had trouble sleeping last night as ideas raced through my mind. But this afternoon the spring rains began, and that puts an end to outdoor activity until at least this coming weekend… when flurries are predicted! Oh my!


Several weeks ago a friend and I discovered that a new nursery has popped up at a local farm at the very end of my road. They sell fruit trees mainly, and these are sold bare root. We both bought apple trees. Well, after waiting for the soil to thaw so that I could plant them, nothing happened out there. Finally I had to plant them in pots in our cold basement. And there they wait. This is so discouraging. My hope is for planting them next week perhaps. Both are apple trees for zone three. I am excited about the red fleshed variety!

1. http://www.greenbarnnursery.ca/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=11692

2. http://www.greenbarnnursery.ca/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=101

It will be a long while before they produce fruit. But the excitement has begun and there are shoots and buds out there as well as birds and their song! The robins tell me there are worms too. The blue herons are about and they tell me there are frogs and fish for dinner. Yum…uh…for them.


It is pretty in its way… but I am eager for warmth and bright sunshine, not a meal of worms or frogs. It will come! Meanwhile the pond has unfrozen and soon the snapping turtles will sun themselves on the dock.

I left my heart in Haiti… They tell me I’ll never get it back! Do visit updates here as well! http://haitidreams.wordpress.com/

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One Response to April, 2013

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    That screen shot from your daughter definitely sums it up for my neck of the woods, too! Love your robin picture!

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