The Huntington Botanical Gardens

Once again on the move, our son picked up a friend and visited the Huntington Botanical Gardens for a day trip. Here is what Google tells me:

“In 1903 Henry Huntington purchased the San Marino Ranch, a working ranch with citrus groves, nut and fruit orchards, alfalfa crops, a small herd of cows, and poultry. His superintendent, William Hertrich, was instrumental in developing the various plant collections that comprise the foundation of the botanical gardens. The property—originally nearly 600 acres—today covers 207 acres, of which approximately 120 are landscaped and open to visitors. More than 14,000 different varieties of plants are showcased in more than a dozen principal garden areas. Forty gardeners, a curatorial staff of seven, and more than 100 volunteers maintain the botanical collections, provide interpretive programs for visitors, and propagate plants for special sales.”

See more here:

And here are photos from our travel guides. 😉

8635135354_7c60db8c9b8635112928_0737d58ca48634024139_1f3925a5588634013095_ec516eb79e8634018905_5f8bd8b2fd8634000133_b281d81612 8634002435_2fb888fa498633998401_77c06f69408633996243_00c1e3a5c98635099788_8bf6e3261a8635110666_d2aec81a4d8633989103_46f3d3d6fe8635093632_30f7520d058635082816_5dcc809d168633978331_3a0e4587638635075092_e5d280b7128635071990_0fca7428848635066482_f3bd0bb1028633955335_da71ecbc418633952563_16c297487c8635054208_1ee43a32238635032522_70f6f9f3948635028580_c59c6e8aaa8635011296_d59568bf528635007704_d9258905ed8635004700_09465edb628633917227_4a88cd7f7b8633908051_77150685f58633941145_f3d658f37b8633902141_38d52426138633899427_0d1340b8a68633895953_ca49c02dfd8633885503_3f6fb1f5f8Thank you to Henry Huntington for this lovely area, and thank you Laura for these recent  close-up shots.


I left my heart in Haiti… They tell me I’ll never get it back! Do visit updates here as well!


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5 Responses to The Huntington Botanical Gardens

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Beautiful–Needs to go on our place to visit list!

  2. Sue says:

    As much as I enjoy trying to grow a few of these not hardy for me succulents, when I look at pictures of places where cactus and agave grow like weeds it seems like I’m looking at another planet. What a great view framed by Wisteria.

  3. Great set of pics.. Just love all the succulents

  4. Gorgeous place! Love the photo tour 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop! I hope to see you again tomorrow. 🙂

  5. The Huntington is wonderful and I visited a bunch of times when I lived in the Los Angeles area. Even though the succulents are great my favorite thing to visit was the painting Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse by Sir Joshua Reynolds which they have in their permanent collection.

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