Birthday Boy

Well, the oldest grandchild just turned 14 on Monday. This boy is one of those kids who has two homes, one week with his Mom, one week with his Dad’s family. This means TWO birthday celebrations! He often knows exactly what he wants and makes lists or tells you clearly what he hopes for. Quite the manipulator. šŸ˜‰

There are advantages to each place. At Mom’s, he is the only child, king of the castle who is the main focus. That’s easy to enjoy!

But at Dad’s place, there are 3 other children and a dog to share with. If you want something, it doesn’t always come instantly…if at all. You also have chores to do. But at Birthday time, everyone wants to take part and enjoy the preparations and the day itself.

So on this past Monday evening everyone prepared for the cake, candles, gifts and balloons. The small ones also wore party hats and great big smiles.April22-2013SkylerParty1

But lo and behold, there were no expensive electronic devices wrapped for him. In fact, there were joke presents to start off with!April22-2013Skyler2I’d never seen these before and thought they were a riot! These “pills” are for “chronic complainers”. “If not satisfied, too bad!” “Recommended to be taken with a nice warm cup of shut the h*ll up” He was a really good sport and found the humor in it!

I had intended to get him a tree to plant, but for various reasons this did not work out. Instead, I got all the kids a ten foot diameter “parachute” with handles around the perimeter. Everyone including parents holds on and has a great time with it. I love the idea of everyone being involved in outdoor activities.

He also received roller blades. Since his heart surgery a year ago, he is far more interested in trying things. Hurray! He was thrilled to leave his computer that night and join everyone for outdoor play before bedtime.

First lesson with Dad’s help:April22-2013Skyler3

Little sister tries to bike along…only to discover she is too big for her old bike! Had fun anyway.April22-2013Ivy1

Little brothers got a wagon ride to the park too. One asleep in his car seat!April22-2013Skyler4

After about 45 minutes of play, everyone headed back home, Indy dog included. By this time Big Boy was able to skate on his own.April22-2013Skyler5

Middle sized girl enjoyed making bike tracks through puddles.April22-2013Ivy2There were a few other gifts too. Mom and Dad were happy to have everyone healthy and happy… and exhausted. Bed Time Next!


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One Response to Birthday Boy

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Happy birthday Skylar! Looks like so much fun!!!

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