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Back to Haiti?

I’ve travelled twice to Haiti to enjoy the beauty, the kids and to help with setting up a library and teach a bit of pre-school: colors, numbers and so forth. Another educationally focused trip is being planned for late summer … Continue reading

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Nature and The Little Ones

Our daughter and her husband have bought a property jointly with a friend. They can’t seem to find as much time as they would like to be out there working!  Mostly they are there on weekends. Both my kids work … Continue reading

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The Tough Questions

I vaguely remember being four. That is the time of life when only major events are remembered, like the time I broke my arm and my big brother walked me home. Or the time my Daddy returned from time away … Continue reading

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Little Girl Dresses

What fun being a Nana! My friend made up some sun dresses and other summer clothes for my favorite little girl. She’s going to love having new outfits! BatikLittle fishSalamander top with pantsElephants and polka dotsRed Fireworks! And then in … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

So this is what they mean by an “island bed”!Our little creek is swollen….This field was just planted… and now drains into the creekEerie sky colour, and quietBUT…

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It’s Only the Beginning

It’s only the beginning It’s only the beginning of a love That will never end That will never end Kalin Twins-1959 It has been a long long time since I bought my first clematis, perhaps 30 years. The children were … Continue reading

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The little kid that could

Two of our son’s friends, Sameer and Anish,  are working with laptops in a small Indian village. This is a report from Sameer’s blog that I thought you might enjoy. This is Sumit, a little kid who lives next door … Continue reading

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