It’s Only the Beginning

It’s only the beginning
It’s only the beginning
of a love
That will never end
That will never end

Kalin Twins-1959

It has been a long long time since I bought my first clematis, perhaps 30 years. The children were both in school and I was spending more and more time in nurseries and in the garden. I had never seen clematis when I was  growing up, so like many people, I became interested in the large flowered varieties first. Certainly they were becoming more and more available in Toronto then. I read a small “how to grow them” book and figured out all about the 3 main pruning groups. The book was from England, and none of the varieties could be easily found in Ontario. Over time I found a few and began discovering nurseries with special plants. The Country Squire, for example sold Clematis Hexapetala, a sweet small white plant. At another remote spot I located a clematis Recta which I loved.

Much later, I began to use the computer and found plant web sites. I made very interesting friends there, friends whom I eventually got to meet. To my astonishment, several turned out to be quite famous in the clematis world. Who even knew there was such a world!

My fascination turned to the smaller blooming varieties and to the “Group 3” vines that are easily pruned back in early spring.

And now my thoughts turn to pondering what on earth I will do with all these clematis. One of these days we may pack up and leave our farm. But not yet! Why just today I picked up several replacement vines for those that didn’t survive the winter. The clematis are poking up through the ground, need staking to their supports and even watering since things are dry.  Many have buds aplenty, a few are in bloom.

This year Clematis Constance won the race and was the first to bloom.May17-2013C.ConstanceWinsClematis Macropetala (species) came in a close second.May18-2013C.MacropetalaSpeciesClematis Blue DancerMay20-2013C.BlueDancerClematis Blue BirdMay20-2013C.Blue-BirdClematis Markham’s Pink will likely be next.May19-2013C.MarkhamsPkThese are all “Group 1” Clematis, the earliest ones for me. Exciting times!
Never fear, there will be more posted here in time.

A few updates from May 24th

Clematis Markham’s Pink

May24-2013C.Markhm'sPink1 May24-2013C.Markhm'sPink2

Clematis Alpine Willy: muddied a bit by falling branchesMay24-2013C.AlpineWilly1

Clematis Blue BirdMay24-2013C.BlueBird

Clematis Blue Dancer and C.Macropetala (double) near white lilac.May24-2013C.BlueDancerLilac

Clematis Constance in the windMay24-2013C.ConstanceInWind

Clematis Pamela JackmanMay24-2013C.PamelaJackman

Clematis HelsingborgMay24-2013C.Helsingborg1


I left my heart in Haiti… They tell me I’ll never get it back! Do visit updates here as well!


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2 Responses to It’s Only the Beginning

  1. Michelle says:

    You have such a lovely collection of clematis Marie. I always enjoy seeing them.

  2. Sue says:

    No one has a better well grown and displayed Clem collection than you, Marie!

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