Little Girl Dresses

What fun being a Nana! My friend made up some sun dresses and other summer clothes for my favorite little girl. She’s going to love having new outfits!

BatikMay23-2013dresses2Little fishMay23-2013LengthenedSundressSalamander top with pantsMay23-2013TopAndPantsElephants and polka dotsMay23-2013LongElephantDressRed Fireworks!May23-2013RedSundress

And then in August she’ll need something to wear in a wedding. Still deciding what that might be…. Got any ideas? Here are a few suggestions I was sent:

Yes, she loves modeling new clothes! This was back in February…Feb-2013-Edmonton3.5Baby Boy will be almost ONE and needs something special too. The theme for men is vests… so here are ideas for him:

Time will tell, but it is fun to ponder!


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One Response to Little Girl Dresses

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Ivy will love all the new clothes! My favorite is the blue top with the native American stylized lizards on it! They all look like they will be lots of fun to wear. As far as the wedding goes–anything that makes her feel like a princess!

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