Nature and The Little Ones

Our daughter and her husband have bought a property jointly with a friend. They can’t seem to find as much time as they would like to be out there working!  Mostly they are there on weekends.

Both my kids work hard but also enjoy outdoor activity. Both were canoe guides  in their late teens and both still enjoy that. Now that my daughter has little ones, she wants them to share this love of the outdoors.

This past week, she received a load of trees from her brother-in-law’s work. She re-arranged her work schedule so that she could take off Friday and plant some of these. The two dogs joined her up there as did a neighbor, and she was able to plant close to 300 of the small trees.

Saturday was busy with other things, but then came Sunday:
Sunday, we all went out and had a beautiful day. Sunny and breezy. Mosquitoes weren’t bad. Just as we left (5:30ish), the clouds rolled in, the thunder started, and the large drops started coming down! What better could you ask for?
And the kids had a blast too! They helped plant, pull the wagon, ate some apples, ate PB and J sandwiches, ate a cucumber (yes baby Forrest too!)

And so, here’s the breakdown:

15 cedars
200 spruce
200 lodgepole pine
200 siberian larch
5 elms ($2 for the lot)
5 mountain ash (85c for the lot)
… 100 jerusalem artichokes (planted at the gate)
24 asparagus (planted in our neighbour’s vegetable garden)

And it was a PERFECT weekend for planting. Both dogs and the three kids slept all the way home. I can’t imagine a better day!

Leo, Ivy and their Mommy at workMay26-2013TreePlanting


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5 Responses to Nature and The Little Ones

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like a perfect weekend. I bet they all slept really well Sunday night.

  2. Mary Waind says:

    We live in the bestest country for all things growing… including children.

  3. Jack says:

    Gardenbug, that is a superhuman planting project! I am really impressed.

    Your tale about your family’s connection to Providence and Brown is interesting. I can assure you that I was not at Brown in 1941! It would be five more years before I was born.

  4. Alice Jordon says:

    Fun times! I hope the trees thrive.

  5. That’s a tremendous number of trees. Imagine how magnificent they’ll be for decades to come!

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