Clematis Season

It is the final day of June 2013. And it is soggy here at the farm. I thought I’d share what some of our clematis look like at this time.

These two clematis are favorites of many of my friends.

Betty CorningJune29-2013C.BettyCorningArabellaJune27-2013C.ArabellaDurandii is wonderful mixed with other plants.June29-2013C.DurandiiAlthough many enjoy blue clematis, I love them all, even the white ones. This one is called Hexapetala and it is a quite small plant.June27-2013C.HexapetalaGazelle is another favorite of mine.June27-2013C.Gazelle‘Forever Friends’ is fairly new in my garden and I’m quite fond of it!June29-2013C.ForeverFriendsMaria Cornelia, also new here, has a distinct form and habit.June29-2013C.MariaCorneliaI have a few pink clematis in bloom today.

This one is called Chantilly.June29-2013C.ChantillyThis is Hagley HybridJune29-2013C.HagleyHybridAnd this one, named Odoriba, decorates our front entryway.June29-2013C.OdoribaThis one is a mysteryJune29-2013WetUnknownClematisThis beauty is named HendryettaJune27-2013C.HendryettaAnd these wee little blooms are also clematis!June27-2013Clematis(small)There are others yet to come, but I’ll leave you with a blue favorite of mine, discovered by a friend. Meet Mrs Harvey!June27-2013C.MrsHardyI will be sharing more as they open.


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5 Responses to Clematis Season

  1. Deanne says:

    Oh so beautiful! Gorgeous clems. YOu have a fabulous collection

  2. Mary Waind says:

    – an amazing variety, Marie! I just have 4 different ones. My pink chiffon mixed in with a dark purple is striking. The potatoes are impressing me these days 🙂 Planted fingerlings on Monday and Saturday when I was planting more romaine seeds there were the potato sprouts grinning at me.

  3. Alice Jordon says:

    Just beautiful! The raindrops make them look so fresh. Happy July!

  4. woodyoak says:

    Beautiful as always! The large variety of colors and shapes are amazing – and every one a charmer too 🙂

  5. Sue says:

    You are the Clematis queen, Marie!

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