The Great Outdoors

Every attempt is made to have the grandchildren adore the great outdoors. They have recently acquired a new property outside of town to enjoy, and this allows the children a great deal of freedom to run around. I am delighted that their lives are not centered around television programming and electronic games at this early age. A few toys are around for the 14 year old to exercise with.

Come take a walk with us!

June17-2013Land1June17-2013Land2BlueFlax June17-2013Land3They have planted hundreds of trees there together.May26-2013TreePlantingLeo loves blowing dandelion seeds with his grandfather.June17-2013Land8LeoJune17-2013Land9DandelionI spy a lake…June17-2013Land4LakeAnd on closer inspection, a loon! June17-2013Land5LoonWild Rose country here….June17-2013Land6WildRosesJune17-2013Land7CornusDaddy just spied a baby deer!June17-2013Land10SawBabyDeer June17-2013Land11LookingAboutForrest is enjoying the fresh air too…his way!June17-2013Land12ForrestIvy and Leo spent a few moments on Big brother’s trampoline.June17-2013Land9.5TrampoolineWe all enjoyed raspberries together.June17-2013LeoRaspberriesA good time was enjoyed by all!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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One Response to The Great Outdoors

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    What a wonderful post Marie! It is so refreshing to see children being allowed to be children. The world is changing too fast for me! We try to do the same for Maisie–encourage participation in nature. The great outdoors has brought me so much joy my entire life!

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