Clematis Season: Part 2 (early July)

More and more clematis are starting to bloom each day now. There have been heavy rains which they like, but sometimes the vines lose their grip and bend or fall down from their supports. It is a challenge to re-attach them in their soggy state!

Here are some of the blooms from this past week.

AljonushkaJune30-2013C.Aljonushka1HuldineJune30-2013C.Huldine1June30-2013C.Huldine2Mary RoseJune30-2013C.MaryRosePangbourne PinkJune30-2013C.PangbournePink1Blue PirouetteJuly5-2013C.BluePirouetteBuckland BeautyJuly5-2013C.BucklandBeautyTentel with Clematis Forever Friends in the backgroundJuly5-2013C.ForeverFriendsTentelI am Lady JJuly5-2013C.IAmLadyJJenny (Cedergren)July5-2013C.Jenny(Cedergren)Margaret Hunt with the dark Clematis GaloreJuly5-2013C.MargaretHuntGaloreMikeliteJuly5-2013C.MikeliteMadame Julia CorrevonJuly5-2013C.MmeJuliaCorrevonA small mystery clematisJuly5-2013C.MysteryLittleOneClematis OdoribaJuly5-2013C.OdoribaClematis Pamiat Serdsta (Memory of the Heart)July5-2013C.PamjatSerdstaClematis Petit FauconJuly5-2013C.PetitFaucon


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2 Responses to Clematis Season: Part 2 (early July)

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Just love your clematis!

  2. Poppy says:

    What sweet splendour in your Ontario garden!! How I miss the summer rain in Ontario; its gifts are plenty and pretty, as are your lovelies! I am especially enchanted with the Blue Pirouette and the Bauckland Beauties!! Thanks for a much needed hit of Canadiana!


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