The Land This Week

This week there has been excitement at ‘the land’, my daughter’s family’s new  rural property in Alberta. The chickens arrived in a bunch of cardboard boxes. It took  2 hours to transport them to Willow Wilde Escape. Now these were not the chickens that were ordered –  that order was cancelled. These 7 week old chickens arrived from a classroom that had raised baby chicks and now they needed a home quickly at school’s end. No one knew what breed they are. There are 19 of them, some broilers, some laying chickens, and several roosters it seems.

12 guys & gals share this areaJuly12-2013Chickens1And so the chickens arrived BEFORE the coop was built. DSIL is still on paternity leave, so he and the kids worked hard on building the coops, among other things, while DD was at work. Meanwhile the chickens lived in odd places, such as the dog kennels(!), while work proceeded at a frantic pace. (DD doesn’t mind the commute since she discovered that there are showers at work!)

One young rooster is a funny guy who isn’t quite old enough to voice a proper COCK-A-DOODLE -DO. It seems his voice is changing….LOL! Unexpectedly, there were 2 eggs the morning after they arrived! The girls needed no transition time. Obviously they are happy with their new digs !

7 more now live hereJuly12-2013Chickens2The grandchildren are happy about the new feathered friends. Ivy (4) even phoned me in Ontario to chat about them! Other discoveries are that there is a swimming pool in town, about 15 minutes away, with free swim time in the afternoon. That’s really special when you don’t have a shower built yet. 🙂 And the 14 year old could spend ALL DAY on his trampoline. Without the distractions of telephone, electronics and so on, he seems more relaxed and helpful. He also has a bike at his disposal to do some nearby exploring and visiting.

A real summer vacation if you ask me!


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2 Responses to The Land This Week

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Sounds like heaven to me (even without a shower)! Know the kids are thrilled with the chickens. I always had pet chickens when I was a child. We never ate any but we had lots of eggs. In the spring when there were lots of green onions the yokes had a green tint and smelled of onions!

  2. Jack says:

    I admire their pioneering spirit, but I am a suburban guy and would be lost without a shower.

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