Preparing for a Trip

I always find trip preparation difficult: pet sitters, packing, tickets, travel to airport and back. What a hassle!

A trip to Haiti involves all that and more. Preparation for travel to Haiti is fraught with stress. So little weight allowed and so much needed there. The decisions kill me. I head to the dollar stores for FUN things, but spend on science things (magnets, solid geometry shapes, etc) and French and Kreyol books. I keep shifting things from stack to stack… I’m going for a very short visit so won’t have time to buy things there even if I do see something available. The goal is to work toward setting up e-books in Kreyol and French for kids at a mission school and an orphanage. These are locations with no books, but with basic laptops from DS’s computer clubs. We’ll also visit a Tarp School, which is a school for needy kids with no buildings. Then there are several friends who deserve gifts as well.
Here’s how it looks in our back room today…

Aug13-2013HaitiPrep1I’ve never been to two of the destinations before, but my son has. I do know his Haitian teachers though which is fun. We have a new plan this time, which involves his teachers giving awards each week for good projects. The goodies I am bringing will therefore mostly be earned by student effort. Teachers and staff tend to hoard materials otherwise. I’ll need to remind the teachers not to reward the same kids all the time too. Always something to think about that they may not be prepared for.

A friend reminds me that sometimes you have to search to find something to reward each child for. It is there–you just have to dig a little deeper. These teachers are only trained on teaching about laptops so it is nice that I know them fairly well and can encourage what they do well.

Still, I’m a bit frantic. Wish I could take more!!! Heck, they don’t even have access to paper for writing on or to put stickers on. Think what paper weighs too. Oh my… $100 for each extra bag. Makes no sense to me in this situation.

Back to rethinking those stacks! 🙂


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2 Responses to Preparing for a Trip

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Safe travels! The students and teachers will love all the goodies you are bringing! How long will you be gone?

  2. gardenbug says:

    Only about 10 days this time Alice.

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