A Gorgeous Week in Fall

This has been an extraordinarily beautiful week with sunny skies, cool mornings and warm afternoons. I’ve been able to get in the garden and prune branches, dig roots and re-shuffle plants. I just love the angle of the sun across the pond, as it hits the tips of the cedars beyond while we enjoy our dinner. The colors are glorious.
My husband has done a few odd jobs each evening: attaching tool hooks in the garage, sawing down a tree, emptying wheelbarrows filled to the brim with the tomato plants that have finished being productive. Fall is just the best time to garden and better yet, a great time for nursery sales. Today I planted more ornamental grasses, epimedium and asters, and moved yarrow, penstemon, and geraniums. There are a few bulbs soaking overnight in preparation for planting tomorrow. I even had the sprinkler going for a few hours after 4pm. Sure my bones ache, but I love being able to work without sweating and bugs. I even had several friends come by to comment and lend a hand. I love input and advice! Three new shrubs are now planted and watered in.

Soon I will need to attend to the indoor housework. It is ever so easy to be distracted by the colors and the blooms and berries in the great outdoors! We need to get firewood delivered and stacked, the eaves cleaned out, and the vegetable garden tidied up! Then there’s a hedge to prune and some yews blocking the view from the kitchen window. Bit by bit, things will get done.

Phoebe the Bouvier has spotted several wild cats about- and last night we narrowly escaped a collison with a skunk. Phew!

The grandchildren are far off in Alberta. Their new pets are on their minds. Malcolm the kitty slept with Ivy last night for the first time. Happiness! šŸ™‚



Forrest picked his first apple from a tree.Sept25-2013ForrestPicksApple

Leo enjoying the ravine near his home. What a beautiful blonde! Are those shoes on the correct feet?Sept25-2013LeoInRavineHoping tomorrow brings more good things.


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to A Gorgeous Week in Fall

  1. lol bug, I see the haircut issue is still inconclusive. I vote for a surfer-do.See the circa 1963 Beach Boys for details !

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